AIF Calls to Protect the Embassy of Venezuela

After the failed amateurish coup attempt in Venezuela, the US government has brought the anti-Bolivarian repression to its own territory. The “protector of democracy”, the “defender of human rights” is going one step further in the blatant violation of international law: it besieged the embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Washington D.C., cut the electrical power and water supply, and started brutalising its own citizens who dared protect Venezuelan diplomatic mission upon the invitation of the president Nicolas Maduro.

In the latest attack, 72 yearold Veterans for Peace member Gerry Condon has been violently beaten and arrested for trying to bring food to the embassy. He is the third person to suffer from the police repression against the activists who originally came to protect the embassy from the supporters of the imperialist agent Guaido.

The Anti-Imperialist Front joins and extends the call of Struggle-La Lucha to support the defense of the embassy of Venezuela, and the anti-imperialist resistance of the Venezuelan people.

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