AIF TV Weekly Programme 13.07

Anti-imperialist Front news programm weekly
1-In France revolt happened following the killing of 17-year-old Nahel by a police officer in the Violent clashes broke out across the country between protesters – mostly young people from the impoverished banlieues – and police forces, who used tear gas and rubber bullets. Numerous town halls and police stations were set on fire, thousands of people took the streets to demand Justice.
2- AKP fascism in Turkey banned one more time the today concert of Grup Yorum! You will never stop the voice of Grup Yorum because is the voice of the people!
3 -The court from the 3 revolutionaries antifascists from Turkey Özgül Emre, Ihsan Cibelik and Serkan Küpeli, held in Dusseldorf decided to put out of the glass cage the prisoners, this was a victory of resistance inside and outside of court

4-Israel has launched a large-scale military operation against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, killing at least eight people, including three children, and hundreds injured. In Greece, in Athens, gathering held ın front of Israeli Embassy and in Vienna in the city center.
5- MUTULU SHAKUR IS IMMORTAL! On 6 July he died by cancer in bones.Mutulu was imprisoned for 36 years by US imperialism, because he was a fighter for liberation of black people! US imperialism killed him! He had the right to be released earlier but they didn’t let him!
6-NATO Summit held on 11-12 of July in Lithouania. The biggest criminal organisation of the World, the murderers of the people of the World gathered all together. In the summit participate also the Nato baked rejime of Ukraine, with Zelenski. In Athens demo organised in front of USA embassy against NATO Summit in 300 people participated.
7-The prosecutor of the 3 revolutionaries case in Germany, and the prosecutor of political prisoner Musa Asoglu is the same. Musa will be released on August 21. He was immediately deported. Musas Lawyer objected this decision
8-The Hunger Strike Resisters in Germany, Eda, Ilgın, Sevil decided to stay 24 hours in Front of Ministry of Justice, to sleep there and in this way grow the pressure. Let’s support the hunger strikers.


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