Anti-Imperialist Front and People’s Front Participated in the Commemoration Event of José Maria Sison (Joma), Leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines

The Anti-Imperialist Front (AEC) and the People’s Front participated in the commemoration of José Maria Sison (Joma), leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), organised by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF) on 11 February 2023 in Athens, Greece.
The event started at 19.00 with an opening speech. Then the CPP’s statement on Joma’s martyrdom was read. The event continued with speeches on Joma’s revolutionary life and struggle. Speeches were made by the NDF (National Democratic Front), KM (Patriotic Youth) and CNL (Christians for National Liberation). Julie de Lima, Joma’s wife, comrade and comrade in struggle, also gave a speech. Finally, a statement was read and speeches were made by the AEC and the People’s Front.
Konstantina Kartsioti spoke on behalf of the AEC and Ali Ercan Gökoğlu spoke on behalf of the Popular Front. In their speeches, the revolutionary life and struggle of José Maria Sison (Joma)
After the speeches, fictional videos about Joma were watched, poems were read and anthems were sung. The event ended with the singing of the International Anthem.
Approximately 60 people attended the event.

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