Anti Imperialist Front Announcment

On 6 August 2020, the governments of Egypt and Greece signed an agreement and established a special trade zone at their overseas borders.
Earlier in agreement with fascism in Turkey’s eastern Libyan government had set extreme limits of the sea and the agreement reached between Egypt and Greece that never say ‘he explained.
Both Turkey-Libya agreement, as well as Egypt and Greece deal of people together to create enmity,
to foment nationalism and especially within the borders of Turkey and Greece are the two brotherly peoples provocation for action to reduce a one. What if these agreements Greece nor Turkey will not be a return to the people, keeping alive the possibility of conflict in the region, on the contrary, imperialism,
it is a tool used to enemy the two countries and revive the military industry.

We say: The Greek and Anatolian peoples have been brothers for centuries. We will not allow the bilateral collaborator governments that undermine this brotherhood to undermine it. It is not one-sided agreements that will bring peace in Europe and the Middle East, but socialism,
It is internationalism. Let us increase our struggle in the spirit of internationalist solidarity in order to raise the brotherhood of the Greek and Anatolian peoples, let us increase our revolutionary struggle against the collaborative governments on both sides.
Long live the brotherhood of peoples

International Solidarity is the Weapon of Peoples

Anti-Imperialist Front

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