As Anti-imperialist Front, People’s Front, Grup Yorum delegation, we started our Syria programme on 27 April at the Writers’ Union building.

Founded in 1969, the Writers’ Union is a roof that unites many unions such as literature, short stories and novels, political research, translators and theatre unions. It also has many magazines, websites and TV channels. The Writers’ Union, which has at least 2000 members, has never closed its doors despite the war and has always continued to produce and offer its services to the public.

After breakfast we met with Dr Mohammad Khurani, the president of the Writers’ Union. Then a press conference took place with the participation of at least 8 major radio and TV channels. In addition to our delegation, the head and deputy head of the Writers’ Association, the head of the Syrian Students’ Union and a representative of the Syrian Communist Party also participated in the press conference. Among the major TV and radio channels in Syria, Syrian Drama TV,
Al Ahbariya Syria TV,
News agency for you,
Here’s the bass paper,
Tishrin newspaper,
Suriyana Tv
En nahar newspaper and
Sefir press took part.

Umut Gültekin and Sena Erkoç on behalf of Grup Yorum, Konstantina Kartsioti on behalf of the Anti-imperialist Front and Sevil Sevimli and Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu on behalf of the People’s Front spoke at the press statement. Grup Yorum members talked about their history and why they came to Syria. Emphasising that NATO is the biggest terrorist organisation in the world, they mentioned the crimes and massacres it has committed against the peoples of the world. They also explained that Grup Yorum, with their concerts, called on the 13 Arab countries in the Middle East to unite against imperialism and Zionism.

The representative of the Anti-imperialist Front, who took the floor after Grup Yorum, explained their point of view on Syria and the resistance index and explained that they have embraced the struggle of the Syrian people against imperialism since 2011. While explaining this, he talked about the international anti-imperialist symposiums organised twice in Lebanon and once in Syria and called the unions to the symposium to be held in the future. He also talked about the campaign against NATO. “NATO and US imperialism are the main enemies of the people’s of the world .

We must unite, fight and win against imperialism from Palestine to Syria, from Syria to Europe and Anatolia, to grow the Anti-Imperialist Front and unite all resistance forces.” He explained that one of the reasons for coming to Syria was to tell the truth to the peoples of the world against the disinformation policies of imperialism about the Middle East.

The representatives of the People’s Front, who took the floor last, explained the history of anti-imperialist, anti-fascist resistance and struggle in our homeland by giving examples of the Efraim Elrom action, Kızıldere, 1984, 1996 and the Great Death Fast resistance. They also mentioned Nurettin Kaya, who is currently resisting against S-R-Y well-type prisons, and conveyed his greetings. They said that the struggle of the Syrian and Palestinian peoples against imperialism and Zionism is a hope because they have revolutionary claims.

The other unions participating in the press statement were particularly impressed by Grup Yorum’s political stance and said that they would provide all kinds of assistance and increase international solidarity. They expressed their willingness to participate in antiimperialist symposiums and emphasised that we have common thoughts in the anti-imperialist struggle. After the statements, the questions asked by the journalists were answered.

After the press statement, the delegation set off for Aleppo for the first concert of Grup Yorum in Syria.

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