Anti-Imperialist Front supports the people of Venezuela against the imperialist plots

Anti-Imperialist Front condemns yet another attempt of the Venezuelan servants of imperialism to trick the Bolivarian army into turning against the interests of it’s own people, independence and sovereignty of the country they sworn to protect.

It was only a few months ago that the imperialist agent and self-proclaimed president Juan Guaidó instigated army to turn against the government of Maduro promising them immunity from persecution. Those that believed his lies and betrayed their homeland, now complain they are left abandoned and that the UN agency which provided support now asks them to leave. That’s the reflection of what could happen to Venezuela if it submits to the imperialism.

The officials of the Bolivarian army stated they firmly support the Constitution and it’s legitimate authorities.

Anti-Imperialist Front calls the people of Venezuela to resist against the imperialism, and calls the anti-imperialists of the world to support the struggle for the Bolivarian Republic!

Hands Off Venezuela!
Long Live People’s Resistance!

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