Anti İmperialist Front TV News|Weekly Report|4th June

Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu is on day 79 of her hunger strike resistance against the fascist 129A/B law in Germany. Ilgin Guler and Sevil Sevimli are also continuing their resistance with Eda. The fascist 129A/B Laws are being used by German imperialism to jail and oppress revolutionaries from Turkey. Together with the People’s Front Turkey, the hunger strikers joined the Day-X protests in Leipzig. The hunger strikers and hundreds others were encircled by police, who then attacked and arrested them. The hunger strikers were freed in the morning, but our comrade Tim Hilgendorf is continuing to be held and might be taken to court. We demand freedom for Tim and all the anti-fascists arrested in the protests.

The “Struggle Against Drugs” symposium was held on Saturday and Sundays in Athens where discussions took place about how drugs are a tool of imperialism. With four sessions over two days, speakers from Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Philippines and Peru spoke about how drugs are being used by those in power in their countries against the working class. During the symposium, Münire Demirel from the People’s Front – Turkey said “Drugging minds is one of the most effective ways of blunting the resistance dynamics of the peoples. To surrender their brains or to allow their bodies to be destroyed. These are options offered to addicted people.”

AIF Belgium organized an event in solidarity with the Palestinian people. 50 persons participated. First, AIF explained who they are and then a Palestinian comrade took the floor giving an update about the situation in Palestine from a left-wing perspective. The documentary FEDAYIN about the struggle of Georges Abdallah was watched and a discussion was held together with three comrades that came from Paris representing the Unitary Campaing for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah. The event ended with a video of solidarity with Ayten Öztürk.

The trial of the 3 jailed revolutionaries from Turkey will begin in Düsseldorf-Hamm Kapellweg 36. Revolutionaries ÖZGÜL EMRE, SERKAN KÜPELİ, İHSAN CİBELİK have been in jail since May 2022 based on the 129A/B paragraph accusing them of membership in the DHKP/C. The 129A/B is a Nazi era law being used to persecute those fighting against fascism. As AIF, we call on everyone to participate in the court hearings.

On Sunday 4 June, AKP fascism banned the wedding of Grup Yorum member Bahar Kurt and İleri Kızılaltun in Istanbul. The wedding of the revolutionaries was banned by the decision of the district governor’s office, the police then encircled and attacked the wedding when it took place in Cayan neighbourhood.


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