Anti-Imperialist Front TV viewers This is the news programme for the week of 24th-29th of April 2022

Hello Anti-Imperialist Front TV viewers. This is the news programme for the week of 24th-29th of April 2022. Topics 1-Death Fast resistance of Sibel Balac and Gokhan Yildirim for fair trial and justice continues since 19th December 2021 2- In support of the resistance of Sibel and Gokhan Irish Revolutionary Republican Socialist Party, Saoradh issued a statement 3-On April 23rd April , a demonstration “We are for peace without fascism” took place in Frankfurt am Main, in support of the anti-fascist struggle in Ukraine especially the one that is being waged in the region of Donbass 4- Anti-imperialist Front participate in 4th Symposium for the freedom of political and revolutionary prisoners around the world, in Latin America, in Mexico 5- Zionist and murderer Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa mosque once again on 29th April. 6- On 28 April 2022 Israel detains 6 Palestine fishermen, destroy their boats off the coast of Gaza 7- Online event organised by The Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum and Free The Mumia Abu Jamal Campaign was held on 22nd April 2022 in honour of Mumia’s birthday on 24th April.

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