I saw that brutality while watching the main news bulletins. It had reddened my face like iron on fire and pinched my heart. They were the images of the attack on the Palestinians who were praying in Masjid al-Aqsa. I said to myself, “People don’t do that even to people they hate”.

Masjid al-Aqsa is a holy place for the perpetrators of the attack and for the Palestinians. Moreover, the attack took place in the month of Ramadan.

I witnessed many attacks and tortures by the police; I have seen the murdered and tortured bodies up close. What I saw on the screen both hurt more this time and increased my anger.
Faith is one of the most sacred values ​​of peoples. The peoples fought, died and suffered the most for it. Faith takes first place in the struggle for rights. Sovereigns, under the cover of belief, exploited the peoples and made them fight. Everyone knows about the religious wars in history. Faith is sacred and inviolable. Because it imposes debts (obligations) and responsibilities on people and establishes a bond of belonging. In this way, the human value system is formed. We try to develop what is good, beautiful and just according to our beliefs. In short, it is faith that guides people. Whether you believe in a superior power or believe in the people or matter, this does not change. For example, I am a materialistic person. I believe in labor, people, science and the laws of nature and live according to them. My faith guides my feelings and thoughts, I consider it my most precious and indispensable treasure. I keep it above my biological life. I know very well the peace and strength that faith creates in me.

And for this reason, I say that those who attack those who perform their worship in a place of worship; There may be machines that don’t believe in anything, that only work with commands.

Only a machine can carry out orders without question, and they do not have the moral value to stop them from carrying out those orders. You are attacking your enemies, but even if the side you are trying to destroy is your enemy, believers must act according to certain principles and rules in war.

I do not think that those who ordered the attack on the Palestinians in the Masjid al-Aqsa have the slightest belief in anything and do not have human values.

While watching the brutality created by the greed for conquest, profit and capital, I repeated it once again; I hate the imperialist-capitalist system and its defenders! I hate it! I curse the attack! I curse!

Oya Aslan – İmprisoned Lawyer from Turkey – Silivri Jail/İstanbul.

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