DHKC Warrior Oğuz Meşe Is Immortal!

czidjogucaaeoplOn the 6th of December the member of DHKC guerrilla OğuzMeşe was murdered in Dersim-Ovacik by the fascist security forces in a road control.

AKP by bombing continuously the mountains which open their arms to guerrilla, controlling continuously the entrances and exits of the inhabitants of towns and villages of Dersim, declaring “security areas”, murders the leaders the people, and the guerrilla members. In the last two weeks tenths of guerilla members fell victims as a result of their attacks…

DHKC warrior OğuzMeşe fell also as a result of this attacks.

OğuzMeşe was only 20 years old, he stood against fascism…

He left the best times of his life in the mountains, for the people…

OğuzMeşe did not look at what he left behind, he run to the mountains in order to carry the flag he got from  OnurPolat, from ÇayanGün, even higher!

On one side the ones who liquidate the guerrilla, the ones who leave the people with no hope in front of the assassins, on the other side, the ones who run with full determination to the mountains…

OğuzMeşe chose to fight…

OğuzMeşe, went out from the poor suburbs of Istanbul, flew to the mountains of Dersim!

He run to the war with all his youth and purity!

These people has so many Oğuz…

They will come from the lathes, from the automotive and textile workshops, from the factories, and their callous hands will take the arms this time!

The ones born just yesterday will not get up to go down to workshops two levels under the ground, they will go up to the peaks of the mountains.

Oğuz going out to the mountains, standing in arms, is the victory of a 20 year old young worker.

The fall of the member of DHKCguerillaOğuzMeşe is the messenger of a tomorrow built by the working class.

They say a member of guerrilla has two weddings, one when going out to the mountains, one when falling down to the earth…

Have a nice trip Oğuz… You met with the mountains, and with the land of the country which will be liberated…

All the peoples of the world with you, all the guerilla prisoners with you…

We will take your young life, your years, your hopes, to millions…

The paths you walked, the blood spilt by guerrilla will, in future days, be the down of the new day…

We will illuminate the darkness of fascism with the popular songs of the guerrilla fighting for socialism,

We will shake up the sultanate of AKP and imperialism!

DHKC Warrior OğuzMeşe Is Immortal!

We Will Make Fascism Drown In The Blood It Spilt!

Imperialism Will Be Defeated, Resistant People Will Win!

We Will Not Be The Victims Of Imperialism We Will Be Its Executioner!


Popular Front, Committee of International Relationships


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