From Alexis To Berkin, Our Struggle Continues

We Will Win By Resisting Fascism
We Don’t Forget, We Won’t Let Others Forget, We Will Ask For Account
On December 6, 2008, Alexis Grigoropoulos was killed by murderous policemen. 12 years after on anniversary for honour and struggle, the People’s Front in Greece and Class Fightback were surrounded by police officers when they tried to open a banner at the site where Alexis was killed in front of the monument of Alexis Grigoropoulos.
Turkish and Greek slogans were chanted for Alexis Grigoropoulos and Berkin Elvan. 14 of our comrades from  the People’s Front, Anti-Imperialist Front Greece and Class Fightback were detained and taken to the Athens Police Department by the murderers of fascism on the grounds that the actions were forbidden. They were held late into the night along with hundreds of others and were fined for failing to comply with Covid bans and released pending trial at a later date.
It was forbidden to leave a carnation at the monument, which was surrounded by hundreds of police.
The enemies of love and humanity cannot understand this commitment, this commitment is love for the people, the people do not forget and will not forgive their murdered children.
Monuments and tombs are the values of peoples, and the people and revolutionaries of Greece resisted fascism which tried to make them forget,  street by street, proclaiming that we do not forget.
They stole and hid Che’s dead body, the graves of hundreds of revolutionaries in Turkey were broken into, thousands of people were put in lonely graves and lost. Fascism does not want the revolutionaries who led the peoples of the world to be remembered, fascism is afraid of our monuments, we will increase these fears. We will not leave our monuments empty.
A government that fears even flowers is doomed to collapse. Those who desecrated graves in Turkey, stole flowers from our martyr graves, and those who today forbid the placing of flowers on Alexis’ monument are of the same class, and our enemies are common, and the peoples of the world resist together in the face of our enemies
Despite this, many organisations and people in many parts of Athens did not forget Alexis and took to the streets. 400 hundred people arrested and more than 130  were detained during the day. Those who ban the streets under the pretext of Covid 19, keep factories open and continue to exploit the labour of workers, pour thousands of police into the streets and take Covid measures, they say. These bans are not for thinking about public health, they are decisions made purely politically. No measures are taken for the health of the people when money is allocated to war and armament, security, the measure taken is just to pour the police into the street and throw gas bombs at the people, torture, detain and keep hundreds of people in the same environment.
During the day, the detainees were placed in a detention centre with 60 people in the Athens Police Department, and people were kept in the same environment without food or drink from the morning until late at night.
At this time, a teenager who was 17 years old had an epileptic attack, and the police did not intervene in any way, they intervened against those who there and waited until the doctor arrived, a lot of pressure was put on them to get the doctor to come, and eventually they called the doctor.
Health measures are a huge lie, those who think that they are taking health measures by torturing and terror cannot deceive the people.
Hundreds of people took to the streets for Alexis and chanted Alexis slogans from today.
As fascism continues to attack, our struggle will grow even more, neither its attacks, torture, nor prohibitions will end our struggle, the righteous will win.
“You can forgive in your name
From grass and hunger and all the vermin
Sentence trouble, illness
The dead and the rest will not forgive you
Do you hear, my heart?
Don’t forget don’t forget
Forgiveness ever
Don’t love your enemy, don’t shut up
Wait for the big fight
Do you understand, my heart?”
Alexis is a turning point, we will not forgive his killers who will not make Alexis forgotten. The winds are the winds of December and the people are blowing in favour of these winds hitting the face of fascism.
Every poor street, every university, in the big factories where the machines work, in the middle of the gray cities, we will light a fire, and this fire will put an end the imperialists and their collaborators.
A fire is burning in the middle of the world, and with this fire all peoples are warming up, it is this fire that will end imperialism and its cooperative powers. The bans and measures they take around the world will not prevent us from deepening their crisis.
On top of fascism, the measures taken under the pretext of Covid-19 are meant to completely prevent the struggle. We will commemorate Alexis everywhere every day against their prohibitions on actions. Our killers are the same, and they continue to slaughter our children and terrorise peoples. We have only one way together to resist and win against fascism. The peoples who resist will bring an end to fascism and imperialism
We don’t forget Alexis ‘ killers, we don’t forgive Berkin’s killers, we’ll demand a reckoning.
We Will Win By Resisting Fascism!
Down with fascism, Long live our struggle!
Alexis Grigoropoulos Berkin Elvan Are Immortal!
We Will Demand A Reckoning From The Killers!
Anti-Imperialist Front in Greece / People’s Front
Anti-Imperialist Front / People’s Front (Greece)

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