Greek Police Tortures Arrested Turkish Revolutionaries!

The arrested Turkish revolutionaries in Greece’s capitol, Athens, are being charged for membership in a terrorist organisation based on the anti-terror law 187A. They appeared at the court yesterday, and their trial will continue on Tuesday morning.

During the arrest, some of them suffered beating and torture. They spent 5 hours in the cell-like police van with their hands cuffed from behind, with virtually no space to move. Their hands suffered a lot of injuries turning black.

Their morale is high and they are strong. In the court they called out slogans against torture, fascism and imperialism. They shouted at the persecutor that they were tortured in the police van.

The names of the revolutionary prisoners are:
Şadi Naci Özpolat
Ali Ercan Goköğlu
Hazal Şecer
Harika Kızılkaya
Hasan Kaya
Sinan Can
Sinan Oktay Özen
Burak Ağamış
Anıl Sayar
Ismail Zat
Halil Demir

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