Ilgın Güler joined the hunger strike resistance against 129 a-b terror law of german imperialism

As Anti-Imperialist Front we salute the comrade Ilgın Güler who join the resistance of hunger strike in Germany, standing by the side of Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu, who is on indefinite hunger strike from 18 of March, against terror law 129 a-b of german imperialism and also for freedom of 4 revolutionaries from Turkey that imprisoned in Germany.

Ilgın Güler has started unlimited hunger strike on the Victory Day.
He turned his body in the barricade for Eda Haydaroğlu, 4 political prisoners in Germany and for abolition paragraphs 129 a&b.He made this statement in front of the antifascist monument in Berlin,  while celebrating the liberation of fascism.
Hello to the peoples of Anatolia and the peoples of the world who have been resisting for centuries against the oppression of the tyrants and who produce, create and make out everything from nothing!
Today 8 May 2023, exactly 78 years ago, the Red Army defeated the Nazi Fascist armies in Berlin and won a crushing victory over fascism. 27 million Soviet people lost their lives in this victory. In a way, this is why we are here today.
On the other hand, we respectfully commemorate our comrades who have been fighting and fell martyred in the struggle against fascism in our country since Kızıldere in 1972. And at the same time we salute our resistance fighters who are resisting fascism in our country today.
I am Ilgın GÜLER.
As a worker of the People’s Cinema, today I announce that I will join the hunger strike that my comrade Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu has started 52 days ago and I will go on an indefinite hunger strike.
Because the 129 law, the 129 A B law in Germany is legal but not fair.
With the 129 A and B laws, many progressive, revolutionary, democratic people are unlawfully arrested in Germany, and most recently the revolutionary journalist Özgül Emre, Group YORUM labourer İhsan Cibelik, Serkan Küpeli and Hasan Unutan were unlawfully arrested.
My friend and comrade Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu went on an indefinite hunger strike to protest this arrest and to demand the abolition of the fascist 129 law, and today I will go on an indefinite hunger strike alongside her. I am honoured and proud of this.
Because today, imperialist Germany is trying to bring us into line with its legal stick, to assimilate us, to take us away from our honour and values. We are not criminals, we are revolutionaries. And as revolutionaries, we all owe it to ourselves to fight against this fascist law.
Because if we do not resist today, we have no future tomorrow, because if we do not resist today, if we do not fight against imperialism, we will perish.
With this awareness, we embrace and shoulder our resistance.
And from here we want to make a call to all our people, let’s grow this resistance together. We can win because we are historically and politically right.  Germany cannot judge us because it has waged two wars of division.
Germany cannot judge us because it massacred 50 million people as a result of these two wars of division.  They must first give an account for these, and after they give an account for these, they can judge us.
But they cannot give account for them because they are fascists, because they are imperialists, because they are cowards.
Our people!
We will set up our tent in front of the Berlin Ministry of Justice every day, we will shout our demand for justice in front of the Berlin Ministry of Justice, we want to see you among us.
Let’s grow our resistance together and protect our future.
And on behalf of our martyrs who tore the darkness of fascism from 1984 to today, I hand over 4 carnations, our symbol, to my friend.


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