In Kurdistan One Solution Revolution!

yuruyus-logoThe AKP with its “solution” and massacre policies will not be able to make our Kurdish people surrender!


The AKP is trying to get our Kurdish people to surrender with its politics of liquidation and massacre which go under the name of a “solution”.
The number of dead in protests against the attacks on Kobane by the American-raised ISIS has climbed to 39… It is not possible to arrive at precise figures about this… The AKP regards the murder of 39 people as they would the deaths of flies…
For its part the Kurdish nationalist movement says nothing about the 39 for fear “it might interfere with the solution process”. Who are these 39 people, where are the funerals, how were they taken away? We cannot learn this information from the media of the Kurdish nationalist movement and are forced to rely for this information on the bourgeois media.
This is the point that conciliation and liquidation policies have reached – an inclination to surrender…
The Kurdish nationalist movement is in a situation where, by fearing “it might interfere with the solution process”, it is condemning itself to the AKP.
This is a first in Turkey’s history. In attacks on protest actions 39 people are murdered… People continue to die in ones and twos in the hospitals. Raids, arrests and imprisonment connected to the protests are continuing…
While on Imrali Abdullah Ocalan is saying that since October 15 “the solution process has reached its second stage – the stage of negotiation”, the AKP state: “We are saying nothing that is not founded on the security of the state. We are making ourselves obliged to nobody.”
For his part, HDP Joint Chair Selahattin Demirtas reacted to the AKP statements by saying that “if the government wants to put an end to the solution process, we will talk about the solution process under all conditions.”
This is what it means to be condemned to the AKP.
The AKP does not just want the Kurdish nationalist movement to surrender, it wants the surrender of the Kurdish people as a whole.
But this we will not allow.

Neither AKP murderous assaults nor the conciliationist, surrender-and liquidation-inclined Kurdish nationalist movement can make the Kurdish people surrender!

“The strange thing is that despite the AKP attacks on the HDP, the HDP do not make a sound. Incomprehensibly HDP Chairman Selahattin Demirtas says: ‘We are remaining silent for the sake of the solution process.'”
This is not our evaluation. It was written by M. Delila, one of the writers for Ozgur Politika in its October 28 issue. (Translator’s note: Ozgur Politika is a Kurdish nationalist daily published in Germany.)
Let us continue with Delila’s article: “It contributes nothing to remain silent and be intimidated by the malicious psychological warfare of the AKP. It even leads to the existing policy being continued… Remaining silent gives an opportunity for statements used as psychological warfare to be accepted as fact. In the end, that is what they are.

Dozens of Kurdish patriots are being murdered in actions supporting Kobane, this is not properly and honestly placed on the agenda and in the light. In a number of places Huda Par are attacking and killing Kurdish patriots but it is continually the HDP that is being accused.”
The AKP continues fearlessly to attack and kill.
There is no “negotiation” process being pursued. What is being pursued is a liquidation process. The AKP massacres and laws of fascist repression are not contrary to the liquidation process, they are the very essence of its policy.
The AKP “solution” is about making the people surrender. The massacres say, ”If you raise your voices I will do this.”
They want the fascist repression laws to silence everyone.
The Kurdish nationalist movement’s “silence aimed at safeguarding the solution process” merely covers up the AKP massacres and fascist terror.
And the movement’s silence makes it complicit in the AKP’s massacres, fascist terror and terror laws.
Thirty-nine people have been massacred in protest actions and keeping silent to “safeguard the solution process” leaves the AKP both guilty and powerful.
Thirty-nine massacred and the Kurdish national movement keeps its silence We still do not know all the circumstances in which they have been killed The AKP has resorted to everything from civilian fascists to Hizbullah (translator’s note: a Kurdish Sunni movement not linked to Hezbollah in Lebanon), from vigilantes armed with meat cleavers to official contras. Killers armed with clubs and meat cleavers are at work. So as not to “spoil the process” the Kurdish national movement is not even laying claim to its martyrs. It is trying to draw a veil over 39 martyrs and in the meantime the AKP continues to make threats and to slaughter.
Five people were killed in Bingol: “Those who kill our police received within two hours the punishment they deserved,” it was said.
An openly carried-out execution and massacre: and the silence of the Kurdish national movement paves the way for more murders and executions. This is what the tendency to surrender means, this is what it means to be condemned to the AKP and the oligarchy.
The Result of the Kurdish Nationalist Movement’s Petit Bourgeois Ideology is Condemning Itself to Endure the Oligarchy, and it Condemns the Kurdish People to Endure the Oligarchy!
Since the Kurdish nationalist movement entered the arena of armed struggle in 1978, we have been saying: petit bourgeois national movements can lead national liberation struggles but their lack of ideological confidence in themselves means they cannot take the struggle to its conclusion and can come under the influence of imperialism.
When it first emerged in 1978, the Kurdish nationalist movement was influenced by socialism, but together with the counter-revolutions of the 1990s socialist beliefs and values were abandoned and solutions were sought from reaching accommodation with imperialism and the oligarchy. Since the 1990s conciliation has marked the Kurdish nationalist movement’s policy. This is why the Kurdish nationalist movement cannot secure the liberation of the Kurdish people. This is because the source of the problems of the Kurdish people is imperialism and the collaborationist oligarchy. Those who created the problem cannot solve it.
In the age of imperialism the solution of the national question cannot be separated from the solution of class contradictions.
For this we say that in Kurdistan THE ONLY ROAD IS REVOLUTION.
The ideological powerlessness of the Kurdish nationalist movement means that it cannot escape from the tendency to surrender, conciliation and liquidation. Its hopes are bound up with imperialism and the oligarchy
Even if the solution process is finally achieved through conciliation with imperialism this will not be the liberation of the Kurdish people. It will be the liquidation of the struggle of the Kurdish people and the binding of it to the system. It will not be liberation for our Kurdish people, it will be their slavery.
The Liberation Of Our Kurdish People Is In Revolution! The Solution Is In People’s Liberation War! The AKP With Its Massacres And Fascist Repression Laws Will Not Make Our Kurdish People Surrender!
Kurd, Turk, Laz, Cherkess, Arab, Georgian, Abkhaz, Azeri The liberation of the peoples of Turkey means to build up the revolutionary war against imperialism and the oligarchy.
To demand a reckoning for the massacre of 39 people in Kobane protests, on October 23 the FRONT militia sprayed automatic weapons fire at the AKP district buildings in Istanbul/Umraniye Birlik and Sultanciftligi neighbourhoods.
At the place of the action, the FRONT militia left a banner with the words “Murderer AKP, take your bloody hands off the Kurdish people – THE FRONT” and made the following statement:
“We say this to the AKP prime ministers, ministers, district chairmen and their security who say ‘they will take vengeance’: we will take vengeance for the 39 Kurdish people massacred because of Kobane, the thousands left handicapped and the tens of thousands of Kurdish people whose lives have been poisoned by you.
We will also take a reckoning for the people of Kucukarmutlu whose homes were raided in the small hours.
We will tear down the headquarters where you make your plans for massacre
1. The Kurdish question is being conciliated with imperialism and the oligarchy but it will be solved through war alongside the peoples of Turkey. Our Kurdish people are not condemned to policies of conciliation.
2. The AKP does not just attack with police and soldiers. As is seen in the Kobane protests, it also uses thugs armed with meat cleavers, the Hizbullah contras it used in the past, MHP fascists and religious fanatics.
3. The AKP is not satisfied with massacres alone. To legitimise its repression, terror and massacres it is bringing out new repressive laws.
4. The HDP is silent “to safeguard the solution process”. Silence makes it complicit in AKP policies.
5. The solution does not lie in responding to AKP attacks with calls for “silence” and “composure”. If we are silent the AKP will just slaughter us more.
The proof is this: since a veil is being drawn over 39 people killed in massacres, the HDP is being held responsible.
6. The solution is to build up the war against the AKP in the ranks of the Front.
The solution is to demand a reckoning for the massacres of the AKP.
Not to do so just opens the way to new massacres.
Not to do so, to remain silent means to be an accomplice to massacres and massacre policies.
There is no other way than to fight and to build up the war.
The AKP cannot make the people surrender with fascist terror.
Together with the people we will fight and we will get the people to fight.
We will demand a reckoning for the AKP’s attacks and massacres.


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