Jesus Gomez Will Live In Our Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Fascist International Struggle

Jesus Gomez, our Peruvian comrade, died of an inflammation of his lungs due to the Corona.
Jesus Gomez will always live in our hearts with international solidarity with his life and his revolutionism. Jesus Gomez worked for the Anti-Imperialist Front in Switzerland in a difficult political environment and always spent his efforts on the struggle for revolution.
He worked hard for Yorum’s concert in Peru, from the beginning to the organisation and realisation of the concert. He took part in all events and actions, gave speeches, ran to every task without minding whether it was large or small.
We will remember Jesus Gomez with his companionship, international solidarity and struggle. My condolences to your loved ones and comrades!
We will raise higher our international struggle, put into life the dreams of Jesus and of all our comrades!

Diavata Prison (Greece)
Sadi Naci Ozpolat

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