People’s Front Made Action in Turkish Empassy in Athens

People’s Front Made  Action in Turkish  Empassy in Athens, Throwing red ink and coloured the Street in Front of the Empassy

Two comrades of People’s Front, attack the Empassy against the forced feeding of the People’s Lawyers for the AKP. For solidarity to death fast resisters Ebru Timtik, Aytaç Ünsal, Didem Akman and Özgür Karakaya. During the action, the slogans “Down with Fascism Long Live Our Struggle, Long Live Our Death Fast Resistance”, “Forced feeding is a torture” were shouted. After the action, a large number of Greek police arrived and detained the two members of  People’s Front with torture.

We warn of turkish fascism , we will ask for account if they hurt our Death Fast Resisters. Our death fast resistance, which started with the demand for justice, will continue until justice is achieved. Our lawyers who were held hostage in the hospital with threats of forced feeding  should be released immediately.

The Demands Of Death Fast Resistance Must Be Accepted

Long Live Our Death Fast Resistance

Down With Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle

We Will Win By Resisting

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