Konstantina Karsioti’s Hunger Strike in Greece- Day 2.

On the 2nd day of the hunger strike resistance for Özgül Emre, İhsan Cibelik, Serkan Küpeli and Hasan Unutan, who were imprisoned in Germany under the pretext of 129 laws!

Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu started an indefinite hunger strike for Özgül Emre, İhsan Cibelik, Serkan Küpeli and Hasan Unutan, who were arrested in Germany on the pretext of the 129 a/b laws. For the abolition of the 129 laws and the release of the imprisoned revolutionaries, Konstantina Karsioti from Greece also announced that she started a 15-day support hunger strike with a press statement in front of the Berkin-Aleksis monument in Athens Eksarhia district.
Konstantina Karsioti started her hunger strike on the second day of her resistance in front of the Berkin-Aleksis monument in Eksarhia neighbourhood by opening the resistance banner and table in front of the monument at 17:00.
Halil Demir from Greece is also on a 1-day hunger strike in support
Also from Anti-Imperialist Font Belarus Nadezhda Sablina, is also on a 1-day support hunger strike.
The support hunger strike continued with the distribution of leaflets explaining the reason for the hunger strike and Germany 129 laws. Many people from the public came to the table and asked for information about the table. We call the resistance tent, that is in Front
Yannis Maggos, the father of Vasilis Maggos, who died on 19 June 2020 as a result of torture by the Greek police, came to visit the table.
The police massacres in Greece and Turkey were told. It was explained that Alexis, Berkin and Vasilis were murdered by the police and it was said that our pain and joy are the same.
150 leaflets were distributed at the table, which was open for 2 hours, and anthems were played with the music box. Also we had an internet connection  and discuss with Resisters in Germany, that they had opened a tent in front of Ministry of Justice, in Berlin.





The hunger strike table will remain open 6 days a week except Sundays in front of the Berkin Alexis monument in Ekserhia. We call on all people to embrace our table and to fight against the fascist 129 law.
Being a Revolutionary is Not a Crime, is a duty!
Long Live International Solidarity!Immediate Acceptance of Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu’s Demands!
Freedom for Özgül Emre, İhsan Cibelik, Serkan Küpeli and Hasan Unutan!

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