March 18 International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners. Join 1 day solidarity hunger strike!

March 18 is the World Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners.
As Antiimperialist Front we call all the People to join the 18 of March with 1 day solidarity hunger strike! To extend the voice of the prisoners.
The attacks against the peoples and revolutionaries, progressives and antifascists continue to increase.
And still, all over the world, prisons are full of those who resist and fight.
For Greece and the revolutionary prisoners from Turkey that are on hunger strike, for  Lena Açıkgöz that is more than 250 days on hunger strike for justice for the prisoners, for Nurettin Kaya that is on death Fast Resistance against the isolation prisons in Turkey, for Irish Republican Prisoners, for prisoners in isolation in imperialist prisons, for the Palestinian prisoners that they are tortured in zionist occupation prisons!
And we say, let’s turn March 18, 2024 into a day of great ownership for the prisoners of the world.
We say let’s build a great, impenetrable barricade against the attacks on free prisoners all over the world.
Free all the political prisoners!
International solidarity is the weapon of the people!
Antiimperialist Front

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