Women’s rally took place in Vienna on 8 March

On 8 March, International Working Women’s Day, a women’s rally was held in Vienna, where, among many other women’s groups, the Ayten Öztürk Solidarity Committee gave a speech about Ayten Öztürk.
It was stated that 8 March is a day of struggle between the ruling classes and the oppressed peoples, in which women always have a leading role.
It was also stressed that the resistance of Palestinian women in the midst of the reality of war could not be overlooked, as it was emphasised in many separate actions on 8 March.
The hunger strikes in solidarity with revolutionary prisoners were also highlighted and women’s resistance of Konstantina in Greece and Lena Ileni in Germany were saluted.
At various March 8 events in Vienna, the committee invited women to an film event for Ayten Öztürk to be organised jointly with the women’s organisation Frauenhetz on March 14. The Italian journalist Eliana Riva, producer of the documentary about Ayten, will be present at the event via live video connection.
Also, a total of 15 post cards were sent to Ayten Öztürk and the revolutionary women prisoners, including lawyers, artists and nurses, who were arrested in Turkey last month without any concrete justification.

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