On Thursday, April 21st, a meeting was organized in Vienna to write to political prisoners internationally.


Post cards were written for the Filipino political prisoners Aldeem Yanez and Isabelo Adviento, the Catalan musician Pablo Hasel, the political prisoner Musa Asoglu in Germany, Lebanese prisoner Georges Ibrahim Abdallah in France, to the death fast resisters Sibel Balaç and Gökhan Yıldırım, the sick political prisoner Ali Osman Köse and the revolutionary youth prisoner Sevcan Adıgüzel in Turkey, to one of the 11 Political prisoners from Turkey in Greece, Sadi Özpolat, and also to poet Varavara Rao and Prof G. N. Saibaba, both political prisoners in India.

In the beginning short background info was given about some of the prisoners, including a report of the situation and peasants struggle in India.
While writing to different prisoners, the participants helped each other to translate some of the messages into the native languages of the prisoners.
Natural photographs were selected for the cards, with f. e. landscapes from Cuba, Lebanon, Palestine and also some pictures taken during solidarity actions for political prisoners.
Around 25 cards were written during the meeting.

This international example will be repeated once every month, in order to not only express and share solidarity with prisoners, but also to strengthen ties and to learn from the different popular struggles in other countries.

The event, which was joined by 10 persons including comrades of the Red Flag magazine, Migrante Austria, Freedom Committee for Ali Osman Köse and an Iranian political activist, was organized by the Solidarity Committee for Political Prisoners in Vienna, which was created in the course of the campaign to Free the sick political prisoner Ali Osman Köse.

Free All Political Prisoners!

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