President Bashar al-Assad sent on Tuesday two cables to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani congratulating them [ENG/ITA]

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Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad sent on Tuesday two cables to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani congratulating them on reaching the final nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 group.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced in the Austrian capital Vienna, the venue for the nuclear negotiations, that Iran has come to a final nuclear agreement with the six major world powers- the US, Britain, China, France, Russia and Germany.
In his cable addressed to Khamenei, the President described the deal as “a great victory” achieved by Iran, expressing on behalf of the Syrian people and on his own behalf “heartfelt” congratulations on this “historic achievement”.
“Indubitably, this agreement crowns the steadfastness of the Iranian people, with all their components and inclinations, in the face of the unfair sanctions that were imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said.
Notwithstanding the cruelty of those sanctions, he added, the Iranian people have created a chance out of them to boost their own capabilities and take their researches, universities and achievements to high levels that earned them the recognition of the entire world.
The signing of this agreement constitutes a “major turning point” in the history of Iran, the region and the world, said President al-Assad.
It is also, he added, an “unequivocal recognition by the world countries of the peacefulness of the Iranian nuclear program,” one that safeguards the national rights of Iran’s people and asserts its sovereignty and the independence of its political decision.
“We are quite assured that the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue, with greater momentum, supporting the just issues of peoples and working for peace and stability to prevail in the region and the world,” the President said.
The President’s sincere congratulations and wishes for more success were also expressed in his cable sent to Iran’s President Rouhani, in which he reiterated that reaching the final nuclear agreement has guaranteed the Iranian people’s rights to possessing peaceful nuclear technology.
The deal, he said, has also constantly bolstered the possibility of “safeguarding your people’s national rights” after the world has attested to Iran’s credibility and the invincibility of its people, negotiators and government.
President al-Assad also hailed the deal as being a “fundamental turning point” in the history of Iran’s relations with the countries of the region and the world, voicing confidence that the coming days will see greater momentum in Iran’s constructive role in backing the people’s rights and establishing the foundations of peace and friendly relations among countries to the best interest of the whole humanity.
The President lauded the achievement made today as a “victory for all lovers of peace and justice all over the world.”
Foreign Ministry: Final nuclear deal is a victory of Iran’s diplomacy
In the same context, the Syrian government welcomed the final nuclear deal, in a statement issued by the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry.
The statement considered the deal a “historic achievement” and an attestation of the Iranian leadership’s wisdom.
Iran’s deal is “a victory of Iran’s diplomacy and wisdom in tackling issues of importance,” said the statement.
It is also a victory for the will of the Iranian people and developing countries in sticking to their right to possessing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and using it to achieve sustainable development, added the statement.
The Foreign Ministry highlighted that today’s nuclear deal stresses the importance of favoring diplomacy and the friendly political solutions as means to tackle international differences and keeping aside the language of ultimatums, war, aggression and illegitimate sanctions, to which the Iranian people have been victim for years.
The Ministry voiced Syria’s stress on the inalienable right of the countries that are parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons to possessing and developing nuclear technology for peaceful purposes the Syria.
It concluded its statement by saying that Syria stresses that the nuclear deal will reflect positively on the regional and international security and stability.
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Il Presidente al-Assad ha inviato due telegrammi di saluto e congratulazioni alla guida suprema dell’Iran Sayyed Ali Khamenei e al presidente iraniano Hassan Rouhani, in occasione della conclusione dell’accordo finale tra l’Iran e il G5+1.

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