Revolutionary Şadi Naci Özpolat is on the 3rd day of his hunger strike

On March 19th, in Greece capital city Athens Şadi Naci Özpolat and his 25 comrades were detained with torture during the operation against the revolutionists. The night on 19th March 15 comrades were released and 11 Turkish revolutionists were arrested in the morning on March 24th. After their arrests, they were kept in the police headquarters for days, using the Coronavirus as an excuse, and then sent to prisons located in different parts of Greece. Greek police and the intelligence have tortured and kept them in reverse clamp since the day of the operation and attacked the revolutionists with heavy tortures. They put the death fast veterans on the ground and put reverse clamps on them and hit their heads on the body of the car. There was no limit to the rude swearing words insults and kicks. During the operation they squeezed the gun which is called flashbang that they use in operations and our comrade İsmail Zat was temporily unconscious and his arm was burnt also our comrade Halil Demir was hit in the eye and had partial paralysis on his face. Our comrades who were taken to the prison were intimidated and tortured, saying “We Do Not Know Political Prisoners Here”, and torture was imposed.

Revolutionary prisoners have resisted against these arbitrary and immoral attitudes. Şadi Naci Özpolat did not accept these dishonest calls and asked for his coat and stated that he was a political prisoner. They kicked the cell with kicks and tortures and they took away his personal belongings. Şadi Naci Özpolat started this hunger strike towards this dishonest search and against torture.

Şadi Naci Özpolat, who has been on hunger strike resistance since March 27, is on Day 3 of the hunger strike as of March 29. Free prisoners have not compromised their political identity wherever they are in the world, they are revolutionists who are the most honorable profession in the world, the hope of the liberation of the peoples. Revolutionism is a historical and political imperative, making revolutionism is legitimate and correct.

For years Greece, our comrades have been arrested and have been imprisoned in their prisons. Since 2011, the houses and institutions of the revolutionaries have been regularly raided, tortured and imprisoned. The Greek prisons and the state know the prisoners of the Party Front and know their political identity. Greek prisons and Fascist Turkey have no difference in understanding and say that “We do not know your political identity in jail for those arrested “. If you are doing revolutionism, you become the target of imperialism and their collaborative states wherever in the world. Front Party prisoners continued their tradition of resistance in prisons in Turkey and Europe and do not accept dishonorable attacks. Countries are different, attacks are the same as tortures. A 7-year long resistance was given for political captivity. The servants of imperialism cannot attack revolutionaries and their identities,

Children of Manukyan, who are under the yoke of imperialism, cannot mark terrorists on the face of the peoples. The real terrorist is American imperialism, which kills 140,000 people with atomic bombs, they are the imperialists who murdered the rights of countries that are the real terrorist colonies and open museums from the skulls. We want freedom for Şadi Naci Özpolat and 10 revolutionist prisoners, Şadi Naci Özpolat has been fighting for the independence of his people in Turkey and he is a revolutionist fulled with love of people and homeland. He is a revolutionist fighting against imperialism. The torture on Şadi Naci Özpolat should be stopped and his demands to be accepted.

We will win by resisting

People’s Front of Greece

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