Revolutionary Unity condemns the arrests of Turkish, Kurdish and Greek activists in Athens

The activists belong to the Solidarity Committee for Political Prisoners in Turkey and Kurdistan and to the Anti-Imperialist Front.

Yesterday morning, 19 March, around three o’clock in the morning, two offices and one house in the Exarcheia district were raided by Greek arrest teams. Over thirty people were arrested, including people with serious illnesses. In the meantime, a number of them have been released. Those who are still detained are currently being brought before the court. The offices were vandalized:

The arrests are a product of intensifying Greek-Turkish “anti-terrorism” cooperation. Although both states are in conflict with each other, abusing refugees as weapons, dozens of Turkish and Kurdish activists have recently been arrested in Greece at the request of the Turkish state.

A month ago, Revolutionary Unity participated in the major international symposium of the Anti-Imperialist Front in Athens. This symposium was dedicated to the international struggle against imperialism and fascism.

Pursuing this struggle is why these activists are now being detained. As a comrade of the Anti-Imperialist Front said in a video just before her arrest: “Our comrades are always fighting against capitalism and fascism and that is why they are a target for the Turkish government, for the Greek government and for imperialism”.

As a Revolutionary Unity we declare ourselves fully with all Turkish, Kurdish and Greek activists in prison and we demand their immediate release. We demand freedom for all political prisoners and an end to the repressive campaigns against those who oppose imperialism and fascism.

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