Spain: Call for the end of the imperialist aggressions against Venezuela, against the blockades and for the sovereignty of the peoples

Spanish organisation Anti-Imperialist Internationalist Front has issued a call to end imperialist blockade of Venezuela and to cease hostilities agains that country, while demanding sovereignity and independence for all peoples.

We reproduce the call below.

We, the undersigned, have always maintained a position marked by our commitment to the anti-imperialist struggle, and by solidarity with all peoples fighting for their sovereignty and for their right to build their own political projects.

Today, in a world health emergency, we want to express our most determined demand for an immediate end to the multifaceted war that Yankee imperialism is waging against the legitimate Bolivarian government of Venezuela, presided over by Nicolás Maduro Moros, and against the entire people of Venezuela.

The process of change that is taking place in Venezuela in these years is marked by the influence of Simon Bolivar’s liberating thought, which has placed the interests of defending national sovereignty and the social majority as the main axes of its political aspirations. Today, more than ever, Venezuela has a political system that opens up hopes for a more just and equitable future.

At this juncture, the war of imperialism against Venezuela is adding to the difficulties of finding a solution to the health crisis which, having started elsewhere, is beginning to affect it.

For this reason, and in order to facilitate health care for the people and guarantee their health, there is an urgent need for an immediate end to the harassment, theft and blockade to which, beyond any legality, the Yankee imperialism is subjecting the people of Venezuela.

Likewise, and because it responds to the same imperialist policies against the various peoples, in this emergency health situation we demand the immediate end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade against the Cuban revolution. Today, Cuba is a nation that is in a position to help the most needy peoples in this world health emergency, and this is guaranteed by decades of generous internationalist solidarity in a large number of countries.

We also declare ourselves in favour of the cessation of all wars, aggressions and blockades being carried out today by imperialism in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Mali, Iran, etc., which are even more lethal in this health emergency situation.

We also demand the immediate cessation of the Zionist aggressions against the people of Palestine, and the end of the siege of Gaza.

We demand the immediate end of the Moroccan occupation of the territory of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, so that this worthy people can be properly cared for in this health emergency. A situation that is impossible under the occupation of their territories by Morocco.

Finally, we call on all political and social organizations, on all peoples, to raise a great mobilization of solidarity to put an end to all these aggressions of imperialism, and that a situation of serious health emergency does not further increase the suffering caused by imperialist policies of aggression, multifaceted wars and blockades.

Homeland is humanity.

You can endorse the call on FAI’s website:

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