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Second day of the long march!

The Justice Committee met with Berlin Left Party deputy and anti-fascism spokesperson Ferhat Koçak. In the meeting, which was quite positive, information was given about the cases of 11 Turkish prisoners and support was requested. After the meeting, the Greek Consulate was going for the action. We entered the consulate and forwarded the file we prepared here to the officials.

The Group of Solidarity with Political Prisoners Network, the Solidarity Committee for the American prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, Berlin and the International Collective groups participated in the action. Speeches were made in Turkish, Greek, German and English and slogans were shouted. Notices were distributed to the relevant persons.

After the action, we continued our talks with the institutions. We went to our friends in the anarchist library, left our papers here and gave information. Then we went to the Mehringhof area, where we went to the left bookstore “Schwarze Risse” and made a call for the panel to be held on Saturday. Although we wanted to meet with leftist, democratic lawyer groups in the same region, their offices were closed and we were content to leave our files.

Finally, we finished the second day of the Long March by participating in the International Evening in Zielona Gora, where our panel will be held.

We are waiting for all our friends and people to our panel tomorrow at 14:00.

We demand justice for 11 revolutionaries from Turkey!

Justice Committee and Anti-Imperialist Struggle Committee

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