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Third day of Long March!

We started the last day of the Long March in Berlin by preparing for the panel with our friends in Zielona Gora. Although the panel time was announced as 14.00, we started our panel at 14.30 as the audience gathered a little later.

We started the panel by giving general information about the case. The speech in English was simultaneously translated into German.

After the speech, a phone call was made with Ali Ercan Gökoğlu, a imprisoned in Malandrino prison in Greece. The phone call was translated into English and German. Participants expressed their solidarity with Ali Ercan Gökoğlu and the meeting ended with the slogan “Freedom to Revolutionary Prisoners” in Turkish.

After the meeting, there was a question-and-answer session. Then, Karl Nümmes from the International Art Front gave a music concert and the panel ended. 28 people attended the panel.

We Want Justice for 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey!

Justice Committee and Anti-Imperialist Struggle Committee

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