Solidarity Message from the Anti Internment Group London Regarding the Martyrdom of Helin Bölek

The Anti Internment Group London would like to express our deep sadness, respect and solidarity for the passing of Helin Bölek, who was on hunger strike with her comrades in their struggle for Grup Yorum’s artistic and political freedom. Grup Yorum’s music is an expression of the oppressed in Turkey and the rest of the world and Helin was not prepared to be silenced by the fascist Turkish state . She died today on the 288th day of her Hunger strike.

We should learn from our Turkish Comrades who are well aware that the truth of the people’s struggle and power is entwined with their art as voice. Helin Bölek will not be forgotten. May her martyrdom not be in vain. In the global struggle against imperialism Helin Bölek’s message that a people’s art is part of our voice and her consciousness will echo in our hearts and take root, and grow like a hundred thousand flowers in our liberation from capitalism and imperialism. It is our duty to keep Helin Bölek’s memory alive so that our revolutionary cultural expression is embraced to build a movement to struggle to end capitalism.

We are right and we will win!

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