Statement of Ministry of Interior regarding Grup Yorum: If they stop hunger strike, we will evaluate their demands

A delegation of human rights defenders spoke to the responsibles of the Ministry of Interior about the hunger strike of Grup Yorum members and Mustafa Kocak. In a following statement, the delegation reported: “It was expressed, that the demands of the hunger strikers will be evaluated, if they stop the hunger strike“.
Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV) chair woman Sebnem Korur Fincanci, co-chairman of the Human Rights Association (IHD) Öztürk Türkdogan, poet Ahmet Telli and photograph artist Mehmet Özer, who took place in the delegation, talked to the Ministry of Interior about the situation of the hunger striking members of Grup Yorum, the imprisoned lawyers and about Mustafa Kocak.

In the written statement about this meeting they expressed:

“In the meeting, the delegation had expressed its expectations that the concert bans of Grup Yorum members is being lifted. Further, it has expressed its demand, that the legal and legitimate demand of Mustafa Kocak, whose health situation is quite serious, to be transfered to the Forensic Medical Institute and to be released following to its medical report (considering that he can’t remain in prison under the recent condition), as well as to handle his legal file according to a fair trial principle.
The delegation expressed its expectations that the files of the hunger striking lawyers, whose basic demand is the right for a fair trial, are handled with peevishness by the supreme court.
During the conversation the deputy minister listened carefully to our delegation and a meeting was held, which gave opportunity to deal with the problem in depth. Later on, the conversation was evaluated by the Ministry of Interior and its deputies and they returned to our delegation.

They expressed towards our delegation, that they‘d evaluate the demands of the concerned persons, if they stop with their hunger strike. All details were transferred to the hunger striking Grup Yorum members and the hunger striking lawyers and the necessary informations were given.”

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