The People’s Front In Europe – We Are All On Hunger Strike In Solidarity With The Death Fasters On July 12

We Will Be Thousands and With Our Resisters On Hunger Strike

We Will Shout Out Our Demands For Justice!

Our People in Europe!

When the most basic feature of the AKP is tyranny, it has only one response: INJUSTICE!

The AKP in parliament issues orders and says it is law.  

The judiciary is the slave of the AKP. It hangs those it says are to be hanged, slaughters those it says are to be slaughtered, releases those the AKP wants released.

No law, no documents, no proof, NO JUSTICE!

Our people!

There is also a great resistance in our beautiful homeland to this great, terrible INJUSTICE.

The brave sons and daughters of our people, for justice, submitted themselves to hunger.

In this death fast, which has been going on for about 14 months, so far, three valiant people have been martyred, one of them a worker and two members of Grup Yorum.

Currently, two Free Prisoners and two People’s Lawyers are on the death fast for JUSTICE.

Let us share the hunger of Ebru, Aytaç, Özgür and Didem on 12 July.

Our hunger will be the life of the resisters who are left with only skin and bones.

Our people!

The fascist government has truncheons, tanks and guns;

There are prisons in secret as well as open torture centres.

The power of the people is unity and solidarity.

Supporting the resistance; to stand up against injustice.

Supporting the resistance; to unite against injustice.

Let’s unite for justice, and stand up with our hunger.

July 12 is the anniversary of the murder of 10 valiant revolutionaries in 1991.

Our hunger will also be solidarity with them.

Our people!

Our support hunger strikes, which started with hundreds of people in Europe, surpassed the figure of 1,200 people in our last mass hunger.


There should be no one in our region who does not participate in this hunger strike.

There should be no one we do not summon to this hunger strike.

Let’s aim at uniting everyone in the July 12 hunger strike, starting with ourselves.

Let’s reach all our people. Let us invite all the progressive, democratic, patriotic, sensitive people on the side of justice we know, and invite them to our hunger and our rallies and marches.

Connecting with democratic institutions,

Let us ask them to support the resistance.

Our people!

The four resisters are in the latter stages of hunger.

On 12 July the lawyer Ebru Timtik is on the 192nd day of the fast, the lawyer Aytaç Ünsal will be on the 161st day. Free Prisoners Didem Akman and Özgür Karakaya will be on the 145th day of the death fast on July 12.

192 days … so we are talkıng of six and a half months of hunger.

In the case of Aytaç, we are talking about a HUNGER that has been going on for 5.5 months. Although we cannot see them, we are talking about resisters reduced to skin and bone in their cells. It is in our hands to give them LIFE even as they erode body cell by body cell with their will unimpaired. LIFE IS A MATTER OF SOLIDARITY.  

Our Hunger Is Our Strength.

Our Hunger Is Our Solidarity.

Our Solidarity Keeps Them Alive

Let’s Be Hungry One Day To Keep Them Alive.


People’s Front In Europe

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