A panel was Held to in Greece to explain Death Fast Resistance

In Athens the capital of Greece a panel was held in solidarity to raise the voice of People’s Law Firm lawyers Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal and Free Prisoners Özgür Karakaya, Didem Akman. Preparations for the panel started about a week in advance. Approximately 1000 posters were held in many parts of Athens, especially on 1st May Square, where the panel will be held, and progressive, revolutionary and anarchist institutions were visited and invited to the panel. Preparations were made for the Panel early on 8th July. The amphitheatre in the Square was setup, banners and banners with pictures of the death fast resisters were hung on it. An exhibition of paintings and a table with magazines, books, key chains and T-shirts was opened right next to the theater. The latest songs of Grup Yorum were played from the sound system. The Panel began at 20:00 with the moderator Konstantina Kartsioti giving the keynote speech. In the speech, she gave general information about the recent situation in Turkey of pressures on the death fast resistance and Nuriye-Semih’s resistance. After Konstantina, Gunay Dağ, the lawyer of the people’s law firm, also explained the increasing pressures especially after the coup attempt, along with the process of why lawyers and free prisoners are on a death fast. Patrikos Patrikikunakos and Tananasis Kabayanis also told that they went to meetings in Turkey and knew the general situation in Turkey. Our colleagues, our lawyers in Turkey, taught us how to resist and called for this resistance to grow into ownership. After the speeches, a video about the lawyers and about the resistance was watched. Finally, a 5-song concert was performed by the Freedom for Grup Yorum Committee of Greece. During the concert “lament to the son” were sung by Grup Yorum in Greek and Turkish. The panel held by the People’s Law Office International and Political Prisoners’ Solidarity Committee, attended by about 70 people, ended at 23:15.

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