The Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine Mourns Martyrdom Of Revolutionary Progressive Helin Bölek

A Message Of Condolences Issued By The Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine for Grup Yorum Death Fast Martyr Helin Bölek On April 5 (2020):

The Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine recently announced to the peoples involved in the international liberation struggle its mourning for Helin Börek, the revolutionary and progressive artist from Turkey who resisted and was martyred with a Death Fast lasting 288 days.

As the Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine, we offer our condolences to the comrades of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front and to all leftist organisations for the martyrdom of the revolutionary artist Helin Bölek.

Helin Börek was a freedom fighter from Turkey, the voice and representative of the struggle against repression, arrests and bans levelled at revolutionary democratic dissidents. She sang her revolutionary folk songs for human rights, justice and freedom. And because of this, all members of the musical group, including herself, have been subjected to detention, arrest and concert bans by the Turkish police many times. In addition, the cultural centre belonging to the music group has been raided many times by the Turkish police.

Our martyred revolutionary comrade will be an example to the revolutionary people’s liberation organisations all over the world in the struggle for social justice, equality, freedom and the liberation of peoples from repression and dictatorship.

Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine

Central Press Office

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