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We were in Magdeburg, Germany on the 13th day of our long march.

On February 10, 2022, we held an action and a panel as the We Want Justice committee in Magdeburg, Germany.

About 30 people attended the action. We started with a moment of silence for Birsen Kars. After that, we talked about her and 11 revolutionaries imprisoned in Greece in three different languages. Slogans were shouted in the action, marches were singing, agitations were taken. In addition, a banner reading “Birsen Kars is Immortal” was circulated in the crowd.

A Panel was held after the Action. This panel started around 18:30. About 25 people attended the panel. There were people from three different institutions. We talked about our prisoners in the panel. We gave information about their current situation. We talked about the court. We invited to participants the symposium that will be held in Athens on March 26.

Then we got connected with Ali Ercan Gökoğlu, one of the Free Prisoners of Greece. He also gave us information about the upcoming process and the court. He also told us about the day of the operation when 11 prisoners were arrested.

We Want Justice for 11 Revolutionary Prisoners!
Birsen Kars is Immortal!
We Want Justice Committee

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