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14th day of Long March – Leipzig/Germany

We were in Leipzig, Germany on February 11th. Interviews were given there, a tent action was held, and the German anti-fascists participated in the solidarity action.

At 13:00 in the Connewitz neighborhood of Leipzig, Germany, a tent action was launched for 11 revolutionary prisoners held in Greece. About 15 people participated in the action. Folk songs were played, statements were read.

After the tent action, the solidarity action of the German anti-fascists was went. About 300 people participated in the action. In the action, the statement about the Free Prisoners of Greece was read. Two interviews were given during the action. The interviews were conducted with a local press in Leipzig and an independent media organization called Radio Blau.

Towards the end of the action, the police of German imperialism attacked and tried to disperse the mass.

Revolutionary Prisoners Are Our Honor!

We want justice, we will get it!

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