Birsen Kars is Immortal! Her killer is Turkish Fascism, US-EU Imperialism!

Birsen Kars is Immortal! Her killer is Turkish Fascism, US-EU Imperialism!

‘’we can die fort he same longing
  we can die for the same love
  our poverty is our brotherhood
  they shoot us with the same bullets
  they burn us in the same fires
  they burn us alive in fires’’

The date is December 19, 2000, a woman who came out of the ring of fire. An ambulance and an upright body, a clear powerful voice. Just like their thoughts. As if thousands of enemies hadn’t attacked just now. As if she wasn’t the one who just tried to be burned to death. As if 6 of her female comrades were not burned by being tied to the heater cores. As if 28 of his comrades were not slain in days of epic resistance. As if the resisting faces represent 28 of their slain comrades. She is the one who carries the load in the best possible way. With the strength of the honor of resisting and not surrendering, she cries out, “They burned 6 women.” Even at that moment, the only thing on her mind was that I had to announce it. I have to tell this to the people. This is how Birsen Kars told it in ”Ekmek ve Adalet” (Bread and Justice – socialist magazine), and yes, that scene is engraved in our memories. It’s like a movie scene.

It’s not a movie, it’s real!

There was massacre, there was resistance too! Birsen Kars, on the other hand, showed the whole world what it means to be a revolutionary in every moment and in every condition of the struggle. She stood firm against the harshest attacks of imperialism and fascism. He learned from the people, he taught the people. She fought for revolution and socialism until the last moment of her life. She fought for his 6 female comrades and all their martyr comrades until the last moment of her life. Until the last moment of her life, he fought for the Anatolian peoples who were massacred, exploited and deprived of their freedom. She has labor in every inch of Anatolia and Europe. Every step she takes is for revolution.

Her killer is fascism, imperialism!

Although it is like cancer that takes from us, its main killer is fascism. All the tortures and all the captivity she experienced, especially the 19 December massacre, which was the orders of imperialism and implemented by Turkish fascism, is the reason for the deterioration of Birsen Kars’ health. Today, the isolation continues to take lives in prisons. Almost every day we hear that a sick prisoner has died. These diseases brought about by prison conditions and the obstacle to the right to treatment are the project of destroying the revolutionaries inside. Birsen Kars resisted precisely for this on 19 December. Although he is physically gone from us today, he will live on in our struggle as the representative of the tradition of resistance stretching from Kızıldere to 19 December.

Birsen Kars is Immortal!

Heroes Will Don’t Die, People Are Undeatable!

Revolution Martyrs Are Immortal!

Down with Fascism, Down with Imperialism!


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