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10th Day of Long march! Ireland/Derry

From Derry, Ireland, hero city of resistance! 10th day of the March Of Justice!

On the 10th day of our long walk, we were in Derry, our second stop in Ireland. Derry is historically a very important city for revolutionary struggle. The 1981 Irish Republican Prisoners’ Death Fast resistance is the inspiration for our struggle.

As part of the Long Walk events, we also organized a briefing event in Dery. Although the main theme of the event is 11 prisoner from Turkey in Greece, we also talked about Ali Osman Köse and the death fast resistance of Sibel Balac and Gokhan Yıldırım in Turkey.

Since it is a historical venue for the Death Fast resistance and the political prisoners culture, the general history of the hunger strikes and the experiences of Irish comrades were also listened. The most important part of the event was that Ali Ercan Gökoğlu, one of the 11 prisoners, was also with us by phone.

It was attended by elected representatives, Independents, 32 CSM, IRSP, Lasair Dhearg, 1916 Societies, former Saoradh and Communist Party as well as some young activists. A total of 40 people took part in the event, which was also attended by ex-Irish political prisoners. Finally, we ended our event by inviting them to the symposium planned to be held in Athens on March 20.

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