Fighting greetings from Germany to the former imprisoned lawyers!

I got to know the “lawyers of the people” on 23/24 January 2016 in Istanbul on the occasion of a symposium “Isolation and resistance”.

One of these lawyers was already known to me before – Behic Asci. In 2006/2007 he successfully participated in the death fast against the introduction of the isolation confinement “Made in Stammheim”.

Two of these lawyers visited Musa Asoglu in Hamburg prison in 2017. Musa has been in strict isolation for 22 months, i.e. he is alone in the cell for 23 hours and has courtyard duty alone for 1 hour. Visits take place 2 times a month for 1 hour, with a cutting disc and in the presence of an official of the political police and an interpreter.

After being sentenced for up to 10 years, he is threatened with deportation to the USA.

Also in the FRG the 3 lawyers Klaus Croissant, Arndt Müller and Armin Newerla were arrested in the summer of 1977 and sentenced to several years in prison. These 3 were defenders of prisoners from the RAF. By their dedicated work in the court and also on the street they were a protection for those locked away.

After the lawyers had been arrested, 4 prisoners from the RAF were murdered in 1977: Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe on 18.10. in Stuttgart-Stammheim and Ingrid Schubert on 12.11. in Munich.

These events show how important it is to have committed and militant lawyers. They are beside the movement outside the guarantor for the protection of the political prisoners.

Wolfgang from the Freedom for All Political Prisoners Network


The committed approach taken by the defendants, lawyers*, relatives and the others trial observers* in the courtroom against class justice, reminds me of the militant conduct of the trials against prisoners from the RAF.

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