Final Declaration of the 2nd International Symposium “Unity of the peoples against imperialist aggression”

2nd Symposium of Unity of the People against Imperialist Aggression Dedicated to Eyüp Baş

Final Declaration

February 25-26-27, 2011 İstanbul – Turkey

In the First Symposium of the Unity of the People against Imperialist Aggression Dedicated to Eyüp Baş it was decided that this symposium would be organized annually. We have organized the second symposium in line with this decision. We took important decisions about our peoples in our symposium. We decided on continuing our regular meetings.

We listened the opinions and suggestions of the participants from various countries on various issues. We gathered first hand information regarding the problems and solutions from the representatives of our peoples.

Our symposium was marked by the struggle of the Middle Eastern and Arabic People and especially by the struggle of the Egyptian, Tunisian and other peoples that was waged in the recent months.

Symposium hails the revolutionary struggle waged by the peoples of Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Latin America, Turkey and of other countries against the imperialism and its local collaborators. It supports the resistance of the peoples.

In line with these perspectives, our symposium took the following decisions:

1) Symposium hails all the martyrs in the personality of Eyüp Baş, who became a martyr in the struggle against imperialism and its collaborators. The glorious path of our martyrs is our path and our guide.

Moreover, it hails all the warriors who were imprisoned in their struggle. The Symposium demands the immediate and unconditional release of all the prisoners who were imprisoned during their struggle against the collaborators and imperialism.

2) The right to resist is legitimate and holy. No force can destroy our people’s right to resist. Our peoples have the right to resist against imperialism and its collaborators through all means and methods. This right must be used under all conditions. Taking this opportunity, we hail all the peoples that struggle against imperialism and its collaborators.

3) Palestinian Resistance is continuing to play a fundamental role in the struggle of the Middle Eastern people. The solidarity with the Palestinian people should continue through all means and methods. Together with the Palestinian resistance, the recent struggle of the other Peoples of the Middle East against imperialism and its collaborators should be supported and their struggle must be advocated in all platforms. Imperialists and its collaborators should be exposed.

4) An international date of action should be determined with the purpose of struggling against Imperialist-Zionist military existence and aggression. In that day of protest, in the countries where the participants of this Symposium are organized, the institutions that symbolize the imperialist aggression must be exposed and these works should be organized as a campaign.

5) The Symposium protests the policies of exploitation which makes the oppressed peoples shoulder the burden of crisis while the imperialist crisis deepened in recent years.

Socialism is future of our peoples. The symposium declares that oppressed peoples can be liberated from oppression and exploitation only by socialism.

6) Imperialists and their monopolies deteriorate the natural structure of our countries and our World, pollute our environment and make our World an unlivable place. We say no to the environmental massacre of imperialism. We make a call to our peoples for exposing imperialism.

7) Our symposium makes a call for boycotting the products of imperialist and Zionist countries.

8) The symposium anticipates all peoples under the exploitation of imperialism and the political representative organizations of those peoples to achieve a unity among themselves. It states that an unified organization will increase the struggle of peoples. It recommends concrete steps in order to create the anti-imperialist unity of the peoples. It declares that this can be achieved only through internationalist solidarity.

9) The participants of symposium principally accept the decision that announces them as a unity, front or similar. It announces that this decision will come into effect after the approval of their organizations in their countries.

10) Our symposium makes a decision about forming a committee and an executive for continuing our efforts in a more organized and disciplined way.


1) To realize the final decisions of symposium in their respective countries,

2) To inform the member countries about political and social developments in their countries,

3) To set the meeting dates and to form the executive committee,



The tasks of the executive are as the following:

1) To actually direct the unity during the period between two conferences or symposiums,

2) To regulate, regularly follow and to update the internet and communication and to form the agendas of the meetings.

3) To identify the meeting dates, locations and the needs of the symposiums or conferences and to make the organization that would meet these needs.


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