International Solidarity day for Alfredo Cospito! (Germany)

In the belly of imperialist devil in Europe, Germany, a spontaneous  manifestation was held front of Italian Embassy, to support the demands of Alfredo Cospito.
Alfredo Cospito is in hungerstrike for more than over 140 days now. He is fighting against Italian 41Bis regime, which means solitary confinement.
   25 people from different ideologies joined the action to save Alfredo´s Life: anarchists, feminists, communist…were present.
Italian Comrades gave us update about the Health conditions of Alfredo and read a letter from him.  They played a song, which was made for Alfredo.
In a speech, attention was drawn to the case of the socialist teacher Sibel Balac, who was released from prison after 296 days of death fast resistance in fascist Turkey! That was possible through international solidarity and with the spirit to fight.
There is hope and our solidarity is stronger than any enemy attack! Let’s not forget that
same Italian authorities who try to kill political prisoner Alfredo Cospito, have made the Mediterranean Sea of Southern Europe to a mass grave of people who flee from the imperialistic US /European wars and policies from their homecountries.
We put aside our ideological differences to support the resistance hunger strike, to brand against isolation torture. Through the struggles of our movement with all its proud martyrs and veterans against isolation torture, we are aware of our historic duty to support and help the hunger resistance of Alfredo Cospito against solitary confinement to victory.
Isolation is torture!
Down with 41 Bis!
It is not a crime but a a duty to be revolutionary!
We must not allow fascist government and authorities in Italy, to kill Alfredo Cospito.
We will fight for his Life!

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