Let’s stand up for our hard-won fundamental and democratic rights.

Away with paragraph 129 penal code. It affects us all!

The traditional symposium will take place again this year.

The venue will be Berlin.

This year we would like to focus our attention especially on the anti-terror laws, which grant far-reaching rights to imperialist and fascist states and hand people over to the arbitrariness of the state.

Of course, anti-terror laws are not a German phenomenon. They are used against opponents in many countries around the world. The attacks on 11 September 2001 in the USA were a turning point.

September 11 was used by İmperialism to make sweeping inroads into our rights and freedoms.

Terror laws are the legalisation of imperialism’s unlimited exploitation, plunder and pillage



Above all, the right to “resist” is being massively interfered with.

This is an authoritative right.


The rule of law, the equality of law; these are all hollow phrases.

We know civil law very well.

For we have fought hard for these rights at the cost of our lives. From the Paris Commune to the fight against fascism – we had to pay a high price in blood to win these rights.


The bourgeois courts did not give us these rights. But they want to take them away from us. They do this with their legal but unjust laws.

We say that legal does not mean just, and we believe that rights can be won through resistance.


That is why we see the anti-terror laws as an incorporation of all our democratic rights.

And if we do not resist for these rights fought for by the workers with blood and sweat, they will take away all our rights with their legal cudgels.

That is why we have to unite.


What are the anti-terror laws aimed at?

What is section 129 aimed at?


The anti-terror law 129b in Germany is a prime example to show the lawlessness of anti-terror laws.

It does not meet the standards of the rule of law even by civil standards.

It suspends the separation of powers.

It abolishes the presumption of innocence.

It does not punish the crime, but people’s world view.

Even the definition of terrorist is racist; there is a great deal of discrimination between German (129, 129a) and foreign defendants (129b).

This violates the principle of legality.


Imperialism says: “If you are on my side, you are a freedom fighter. If you are against me, you are a terrorist”.

Imperialism, which has massacred 52 million in imperialist wars alone, cannot teach us what terrorism is and who is a terrorist.

In Iraq alone, 1 million women were raped and in Indonesia, 1 million communists were massacred in just one day.

We must not put up with this.

It must be stopped.





At present, the world is once again at a turning point.

Capitalism is in a deep economic crisis.

The USA, in particular, wants to maintain its slipping world power and hegemony by all means and with an enormous aggression.

NATO actually means above all the USA.


NATO organises, develops and pursues various policies.

Against what? Against our rights and freedoms.


NATO occupies countries, foments wars with lies and demagogy and blinds people with these lies to drag them along.

Imperialism wants to isolate and destroy us with the demagogy of terrorism.

NATO itself says in its concept decision that “we must be prepared for a long war”.

It considers the enlargement of NATO as a “historic achievement”. Currently, 32 countries are members of NATO.

We cannot silently accept NATO’s policy of aggression.

We must not only talk, we must act, organise ourselves.


We must not just talk, we must act, we must organise.



Not only is imperialism again causing bloodshed all over the world, it is also plundering and exploiting it to an enormous extent.



Because there is such injustice, inequality, brutality and repression, it is time to move and unite.

What is stopping us from organising?

Let’s talk to each other, discuss, in order to remove the obstacles.

Let’s try to find a solution between 03-05.11.23 at the symposium.

There is an increased discourse within the left about how the politics of imperialism, especially in Europe, is dividing the left, erasing classic basic left positions and replacing them with its own agenda.

Imperialism not only occupies countries, but also occupies our minds with its ideology.

One of its most successful weapons in this is the policy of disinformation.

That is why we leftists, revolutionaries, should counteract it with the means at our disposal.

We may not have TV channels, radio stations or daily newspapers.

Our strength unfolds when we join our forces.

Therefore, we invite you to use our own media more effectively against the disinformation policy of imperialism.

That is why there will be a workshop especially on this topic.


We are waiting for you at the symposium.

Let’s organise, fight and win.


Anti Imperialist Front

Abolish 129 Coalition

International Law Office of the People

Grup Yorum solidarity comittee




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