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We will demand a reckoning for the December 19-22 massacre!

High school supporters of Dev-Genc in Sarigazi greeted the December Resistance

On December 19, 2000, the state in Turkey killed 28 revolutionaries. 13 years have gone by and the killers have not been found.

On December 20, high school supporters of Dev-Genc (Revolutionary Youth) hung a banner outside a school in Sarigazi on the Asian side of Istanbul. The banner read “We will demand a reckoning for the December 19-22 massacre! High School Dev-Genc”.

Izmir December 19-22 commemoration programme

On December 22 the Izmir People’s Front commemorated the massacre. The circumstances of how 20 prisons attacked were described, a legal evaluation was made and the People’s Front defended the Death Fast Resistence and described why  it was done.

“We will demand a reckoning for the December 19 massacre”

On December 18 Front supporters in Buyukdere district wrote graffiti about the massacre.

“We will demand a reckoning for the December 19 massacre”, “122 martyrs are our honour”, “Hikmet Sami Turk will render an account to the people” and “We will demand a reckoning for the six women who were burned alive” were among the slogans written and signed “the Front”. 

On December 23  Tekirdag Dev-Genc read out a press statement on the December 19 massacre in front of Namik Kemal University.  In the protest the slogans “Down with fascism, long live our struggle,” “heroes do not die, the people are not defeated”, “revolutionary prisoners do not surrender”, “we have paid a price and will make them pay a price” and “human honour will defeat torture” were shouted.

Press statement read out in Kocaeli

On December 20, members of the Kocaeli Youth Association read out a press statement denouncing the prison massacre of the year 2000. Seven people took part in the action.

Commemoration in Athens

On December 22 the People’s Front in Athens commemorated the 13th anniversary of the December 19-22 massacre and resistance.

The programme started with speeches describing the massacre and the resistance, by people who had themselves been prisoners in the year 2000.

At the commemoration appropriate slogans were shouted and then  songs and folk songs were sung. The commemoration ended with a meal.

Commemoration in Hamburg

On December 22 both the Maras massacre (a slaughter of Alevis in Turkey in 1978) and the December 19-22 massacre were marked at an Alevi association in Hamburg. A film was shown describing both massacres as state policy. Then speeches were made and folk songs sung. About 80 people took part in the commemoration.

Vienna December 19 commemoration

On December 22 the December 19-22 massacre and the Great Resistance were commemorated in Vienna. A speech was made and a 45-minute film then shown, followed by a discussion in which the ongoing fight against isolation and the presence of revolutionary prisoners in European jails were mentioned. The commemoration ended with a song. About 70 people took part.

Commemoration in Berlin

The Berlin commemoration happened on December 22. Speeches were made about the sacrifice of the revolutionary prisoners and the seven years of resistance. Then helva was distributed and the commemoration ended.

A banner was also hung from a bridge in Berlin-Kreuzberg with the words “We will demand a reckoning for the December 19 massacre – the Front”.

Commemoration in Stuttgart

A massacre commemoration was held in Stuttgart on December 22. A fil, was shown, songs were sung and the commemoration ended with a meal. About 60 people took part.


Commemoration in Mannheim

On December 29 a commemoration of the massacre took place in Mannheim, Germany. A film was shown and songs were sung. About 70 people took part.

Commemoration in Wuppertal

A commemoration of the December 19-22 massacre was held in Wuppertal on December 29. About 50 people took part. Speeches were made describing the attacks of fascism and imperialism, and folk songs were sung.

Commemorations in England

On December 22 the Anatolian People’s Culture Centre in London held a commemoration of the December 19-22 prison massacre. The names of the martyrs were read out. Speeches by the People’s Front referred to the prison massacre, the ongoing resistance in which a total of 122 lost their lives, and the Maras massacre. A short speech was also made by a representative of the Anatolian Alevi Movement. Gustavo, a visitor from Venezuela, also spoke and there were songs, including by the Bulent Dil Children’s Chorus. A total of 83 people took part in the commemoration, which ended with a meal.

Eight people took part in a separate commemoration in the northern city of York.

Protest in Switzerland

On December 21 a protest was held in Zurich on the anniversary of the prison massacre. People gathered in the Hechtplatz and marched to the consulate of Turkey. Fifty-four people took part.

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