Interview with Borotba’s Alexey Albu Over the Situation in Ukraine

1) Why did Putin decide to accept the KPRF’s demands in the Duma at this exact moment?

Alexey Albu: Because the situation became very dangerous at this moment. Zelenskiy prepared an attack on the Donbass and concentrated near the front line more than 120.000 troops contrary to the Minsk agreements. Most of all Ukrainian VIPs began to make statements that they need nuclear weapons. Kiev state began to organise provocations, I saw by my own eyes very powerful terrorist attack on the gas tube:

there were a lot of bombshells from Ukrainian artillery. So, in the Russian parliament different deputies send their propositions. The Proposal of the communists was much better than others, so parliamentarians supported it.

2) In your opinion, why weren’t they annexed earlier? 

Alexey Albu: You have a great misunderstanding of the situation. Nobody wants to make annexation. But everyone wants to denazify and demilitarize the area.

Ukrainian government gets a new military strategy, new official (!) doctrine, that Ukraine must reconquer Crimea just in a military way. This is not a statement, this is an official state document. Also Zelenskiy started to force questions about membership in NATO. Can you imagine the situation, if new NATO member Ukraine will start reconquering Crimea?

That will mean the war between NATO and Russia. Russia made the proposition to NATO and Washington to make an agreement that NATO will not make Ukraine their member. Washington did not accept it, but continued to send military aids for Ukrainian neo-nazis. So, now the main aim of this campaign of peace enforcement is not annexation, but denazification and demilitarisation of the Ukrainian state. When the military operation will be finished Ukraine will get the opportunity to organise new elections, referendums and decide their destiny by themselves. I think that Ukraine will transform into a Federation.

3) What is the difference between the annexation of the DNR and LNR republics and the annexation of Crimea in 2014?

Alexey Albu: I don’t agree that Crimea and the people’s republics have been annexed. When you use this terminology, you don’t want to take into account people’s political preferences, their views. 

4) How did the people of the Donbass react to Russia’s declaration?

Alexey Abu: Everyone was happy, because that means that Ukrainian troops will not organise shellings any more. People waited for this moment for eight years.

5) What role will China play? Will it recognise the annexation of the republics? 

Alexey Albu: There are no Chinese interests in this area now and China has no influence on this political process. China is a friend of Russia and I think that Beijing will support the initiative of Vladimir Putin about peace enforcement. But I don’t think that China will recognise people’s republics, maybe they will try to use this question for a political bargain.

6) Putin seems to be afraid, that Russia might share the destiny of Yugoslavia and be split. Do you think that might be intended by imperialism?

Alexey Albu: It is a really funny question. This question means that western society does not understand what happens here totally. I have ideological contradictions with Vladimir Putin, but you can trust me that Putin is not afraid of anything. Splitting Russia is impossible, because there are no contradictions between the center and regions of Russia. There are no contradictions between people of different nationalities or different religions. But more important, that there are no contradictions between regional elites and federal elites. So, this scenario is unrealistic in this political reality.

7) It seems that Putin also wants to track down the leaders of the Euromaidan coup. Do you know anything there? Can you give us some more information?

Alexey Albu: I think this information is a little bit distorted. Vladimir Putin doesn’t need to track down the leaders of the Euromaidan coup. Vladimir Putin has official materials about war crimes on Donbass and Odessa massacre, and has the aim to arrest these criminals. It is true that some of them were leaders of Euromaidan, for example neonazi leader Dmitriy Yarosh. But the real reason is that many of them are guilty in mass deaths of people, so a tribunal will be organised for these people. Whoever did not commit any crimes against humanity will be justified. 

8) How do you plan to reorganise the organisation, Ukrainian national level or otherwise? 

Alexey Albu: Ukrainian society has a lot of contradictions, we are very different. It will be very difficult to live together after the massacre of the trade union building in Odessa, where I escaped from, after the bombshells of Donbass. So, there is just one way out from this situation – to organise federalisation, or maybe even confederalisation. I think we should ask people about this question in the referendum. And after it every region has to get an opportunity to speak their native language, to elect their governor and control police. Because Ukrainian regions have no such opportunity now.

9) How will you honour the fallen comrades?

Alexey Albu: It is a psychological difficult question for me and I have no one answer for every incident. All of them will be honoured.

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