Anti-Imperialist Front Participate in demonstrations for 1st May in different countries

First  May is the “Day of Unity, Struggle and Solidarity of the Working Class”. Is the day that the Peoples remind the fight against class inequality, against policies of repression, policies of imperialism and collaborator governments. As AIF we participate in many different countries to the commemorations of 1st May.
In many countries police attack to the people who want to demonstrate. In Turkey, in Taksim square AKP fascism one more time banned the demo there and police attack to the people and 150 people. In France also attack to the people that they resist for 2 months against the policies of Macron. We participate in demos in Greece, France, Austria, Belarus, Germany, England. We combine also the struggle of the workers with the resistance of political prisoners , the 4 revolutionary antifascist prisoners, Özgül Emre, İhsan Cibelik, Serkan Küpeli and Hasan Unutan, who are from Turkey and imprisoned in Germany and the hunger strike of Eda Deniz Hayadaroglu, against 129 a-b terror law of german imperialism.  Fight against imperialism, fascism and inequality is a duty!

Long Live 1st May! Long Live Workers Day!

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