This process is essentially one of liquidating revolutionary thought and the M-L ideology.

To liquidate thoughts that the people’s freedom, independence, and a lack of exploitation is to be achieved by taking power through armed struggle.

This is essentially the problem. OHAL (the state of emergency in Turkey) was introduced for this reason. Not for the Fethullah Gulen supporters, but for the revolutionaries

This is not what we have said, the AKP fascists have said as much. They confessed it.

Heads of monopolies expressed unease with OHAL, and Tayyip Erdogan said,“You did not want industrial action, did you?” More than Fethullah supporters, revolutionary and progressive teachers have been targeted by OHAL. The heads of AKP fascism threatened us, saying, “You will experience the most painful period of your lives.” Over 130 of our people have been jailed as a result of their hope for our liquidation. Artists for preparing a new album; lawyers preparing the defence of clients; engineers producing projects for the public – all have experienced this repression; there is not a single office or cultural centre worker who has not been arrested. What is AKP fascism saying?

You can advocate for revolutionaries but you cannot be a revolutionary lawyer.

You can sing revolutionary songs on stage but cannot live the life of those songs

and organise the people.

You can defend dissidents, protestors but you cannot organise for the future, take up a place in the people’s liberation war; in our country workers, civil servants, engineers, youth, lawyers…

Art, law, engineering etc. – everything is lined up for either the revolution or for the counter-revolution.

People’s artist, lawyer, engineer – these have a new definition now. People’s artists, lawyers,

engineers must be an organised body and create their own organisation.

Henceforth, every artist, layer or engineer must choose between either revolution or counter-revolution, and be an organised part of the world’s people in their war against imperialism.

Art for the fight, the struggle for justice for the fight, architects and engineers for the fight…

Not as mere participants in the people’s struggle but artists, lawyers, engineers, public workers, workers, youth etc. as an integral part of it…

Within the resistance, and in its vanguard, directing and organising in the fields of art, law, architecture and engineering, workers, public employees and youth…




That is, henceforth not as individuals in their field, they must take their place in the revolutionary struggle. This is essentially what makes fascism uneasy. Fascism wants the people to be aligned as it desires, organising and politicising every institution. It creates its own civil servants, engineers, artists and lawyers. It is not a problem to create them but it sees revolutionaries as a danger for the system and attacks them. Why?


These 96,000 lawyers are being formed into a front for this struggle…

Thousands of artists and performers are being formed into a front for the struggle…

550,000 architects and engineers are being formed into a front for the struggle…

Hundreds of thousands of public workers are being formed into a front against fascism…

Henceforth, participating in the revolutionary struggle is no longer a matter of personal preference, it has become an ideological and cultural necessity.

The sides are obvious, there is no middle way…

Artists, lawyers, architects and engineers, public workers, workers and youth… They are under such an attack for this very reason.

Liquidation has been focussed upon them, and they symbolise the resistance to that liquidation.

They will not succeed. They seized control of the struggle outside but the struggle inside continues. When we are cut off from freedom, we have created freedom within… And this went on without interruption. And it has become a deep-seated tradition, lawyers, artists, engineers, public employees, workers, youth… It does not finish, it will not finish, it will grow yet further.

They cannot liquidate it.

They cannot destroy it unless the understanding of struggle of the lawyers, the artists, the engineers, the public workers, who are now imprisoned is abandoned. And it will not be. This war has not just begun. It has been going on for decades. And for decades we have never surrendered…

Imperialist, fascist exploitation and persecution inevitably give rise to revolutionary

dynamics. These unfair, unequal, savage exploitation conditions make fighting inevitable. The problem, a powerful one, is the presence of leadership. The war of revolution and counter-revolution – this is exactly where things have heated up.

Neo-colonialism is essentially the liquidation of revolution and revolutionism

When the Second World War was over, the biggest political problem was the situation in the colonies. “If the West wanted colonialism to continue with the continuation of the status quo, then a violent revolution would inevitably arise and the West would inevitably be defeated. The only policy with a chance of succeeding was to recognise the independence of the 700 million dependent people peacefully in future.” After the Second War Of Partitioning The World (World War II), a third of the world was now socialist.

And the words of the head of the CIA, John Foster Dulles, speak of the bitter experience of colonialism losing out in the wars aimed at making their colonies proliferate.

Its own military, with its flag, the peoples of the colonial countries moved into action as anti-imperialists, and Dulles tells them to give up their politics which moved their feelings and fired the people’s liberation battles. Colonial countries now have their own flags, their own armies, their own words, their own histories, their own emotions, and declare themselves to be their own executioners.

Exploitation in order to prevent revolutions, changing its methods of occupation, imperialism

and neo-colonialism begin to make the world spiral into a new method of exploitation after the Second War Of Partition.

In this respect, neo-colonialism is a political, economic, cultural, social, etc. imposition of imperialist exploitation in every field, its attacks are means to overcome all kinds of obstacles.

And the most important link in this attack is the liquidation of anti-imperialist, independence, popular liberation, armed organisations and the thoughts that underpin them.

Neo-colonialism is the greatest such attack… One of the essentials of neo-colonialism is the prevention of the revolutionary struggle against colonialism, the obstruction of national and social liberation movements.

More precisely, this is the culmination of dynamics…

It was not enough to liquidate the revolutionary left, it would not be able to remove the danger unless it put something in its place. In this case, the obligatory end result is to create its “own left”.

In system circles, while admiration for imperialism and a spirit of collaboration are being developed, on the left anti-imperialist character has been taken away, the spirit of independence has been lost. Claims to revolution and power do not remain and they have sought to create a left that is passive. They wanted to liquidate the revolutionary left and leave the field vacant for this other kind of left.


Imperialists seek to guarantee security beforehand so they can invest and not suffer losses. The security of capital is the security of systems. Threats to security are constituted by thought of independence in particular, anti-imperialism and the liberation of the people through arms.

It is essentially for this that imperialism imposes neo-colonialism.

Look how prior to that the state begins by being centralised and made fascist. Contra-guerrillas, civilian fascist gangs, provocations, plots, coups, assassinations, massacres on a mass scale are all carried out for this reason.

Imperialists practise their policies in every area. No area is left untouched. They even establish trade unions for workers.

They know the truth of class and exploitation, and they know that workers will create their own organisations because they too know it. And so they set up unions themselves. This is behind the founding of the pro-American Turk-Is trade union. Laws are issued for civil servants. So that they do not organise or join the revolutionary struggle. They will issue slavery laws. Slavery chains are the reason for not fighting the status quo, for reformism. It is the means of keeping the broad masses in order.

Imperialists also create their own intellectual-artist type; cut off from the people, disdainful of the people and disorganised, they are against all kinds of violence, they do not make art for the people. This type also avoids politics. Any politics are based purely on upholding the status quo. Lawyers are the direct elements of the people’s liberation war, this field has become a front naturally. Imperialism as a whole needs to create individuals who think and act within its own boundaries. Imperialist liquidation does not occur in isolation at this point – Liquidation from the left is the biggest aid to imperialism and the collaborationists. It can be said that they do more damage to the people and the people’s struggle than the imperialists and the collaborationists themselves.

Mahir Cayan said when describing the liquidationists with a left-wing mask, “Reactionaries in the ranks of the socialists are far more dangerous than the openly hostile.” Civil society behaviour, hostility to organisations, disbelief in the people, attitudes opposing “politics in the associations, trade unions, chambers etc.” and nonsense opposing all forms of violence, rejecting the right to resist, seeking to prevent the revolutionary struggle in the name of “avoiding provocations”, corruption, every kind of unprincipled behaviour and lack of rules… These attitudes radiate from these circles to the people.

They do not openly say and cannot openly say, “We are here because we do not see the need for revolutionary ideology, we are turning to the system, we want to be enrolled in the ranks of the bourgeoisie,”

Instead of this, they present their liquidation as “a new opening”, “a process of discussion”, “renewal”, names they hide behind, and in this way they seek to tie the masses to the system with “left” phrases. It is this peculiarity that makes them dangerous.

Liquidationism on the left today takes the form in practice of NOT RESISTING the attacks of fascism.

This is also the meaning of the imperialists creating “their own left”.

This kind of “left” comes out against the workers, the people and the revolutionaries and not the imperialists and their collaborators… The essence of revolutionary ideology is not seeking conciliation with the bourgeoisie, so by seeking conciliation the liquidation is obvious right there

While fascism seeks to obstruct resistance with repression and violence, the system left practise theories of not resisting, turn their backs on resisters or tell them to give up. Resistance undermines them.

The Road To Liberation From Neo-Colonialism I Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Oligarchic Revolution

Mahir Cayan in the 1970s was the first to describe the “secret occupation” of Turkey by US imperialism. And the strategy of Turkey’s Revolutionary Road which he unveiled also in a sense raised the banner against liquidation as well as putting forward the revolutionary line.

It set out the route for combatting the counter-revolutionary strategy aimed at liquidating revolution and revolutionism. It presented hope to our people by frustrating all those

liquidationist initiatives and showed who was going forward and who was deviating from the path.

Since 1945 imperialism and neo-colonialism in our country have crushed nearly everything, on the basis of shaping it in their interests, and the only power not influenced by this was the Party-Front. Despite the snakes and the centipedes, we kept marching. Imperialism could not liquidate the Party-Front line as this is based on strong roots. What are these roots? Revolutionary power is the goal… The revolution will be achieved with this people, relying on the people’s values ​​and history… It does not seek conciliation…

There is world revolutionary practice interpreted through revolutionary behaviour… It does not overlook the particular characteristics of our country…

It accords with the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism… It shows ideological independence… It does not hesitate to sacrifice itself for the ideal…

There is in every sense an ideological and cultural break with the system…

The ideology raises the correct strategy for revolution. This strategy enriches the ideology. This is how the Party-Front’s practice arose.

In 1913 Lenin wrote an article describing Marxism, saying the following:

“The Marxist doctrine is omnipotent because it is true. It is comprehensive and harmonious, and presents men with an integral world outlook that is incompatible with any form of superstition, reaction or defence of bourgeois oppression.” (“The Three Sources And Three Component Parts Of Marxism”) The Party-Front and revolutionary strategy derived from M-L is itself comprehensive and harmonious. Those who deviate from this line or try to imitate it have not thrived, they have faded from the political stage.

Those who pursue this line have created new traditions, firsts and acts of heroism. And in almost every period they have been targeted by the ruling class. In no other country has the Marxist-Leninist line in practice created so much sympathy among the people. This is certainly not a coincidence. Imperialism and its collaborators have used considerable “terrorism” demagogy, reformist-opportunist circles have carried out many attacks on revolutionarism which has power as its goal. But armed actions based on M-L cannot be slandered by them, or made ineffective. Every kind of reformism is not able to distort revolutionary actions, on the contrary they are left supporting them.

The hostage action involving the Berkin Elvan prosecutor M. Selim Kiraz created sympathy even in reformist circles. This is a frightening truth for imperialism and the oligarchy: this is what they must liquidate, this is what they must destroy.

We have said that the Party-Front’s revolutionary strategy is harmonious. And it is the only line that will liberate our peoples. This strategy has found life for decades on this soil. It continues to be its noblest and most powerful vein.

Mahir Cayan’s formulation is a clear one. There are three fronts conducting the proletarian class struggle:

1- The political struggle

2- The economic-democratic struggle

3- The ideological struggle

After stating this, Mahir notes:

1- Marxist-Leninists reject no form of struggle, however:

2- These struggle are in essence political struggles (for power).

That is, all other struggles are dependent on the political struggle.

And he continues; the road to political power… is based on armed propaganda, beyond that the political, economic and democratic struggle forms depend on this form of struggle derived from the revolutionary strategy called Politicised Military Warfare (Turkish initials PASS). Mahir drew a clear line rejecting every left or right deviation and liquidation and this cannot be forgotten either: “Armed propaganda is not military, it is a political struggle. Not individual but a massed struggle form. That is, armed propaganda is not terrorism as the pacifists claim. It differs from the aims and forms of individual terrorism.

“What separates it is proved by what is considered decisive and important in the practice of our country and the world. In the world and in our country there are many armed actions, both great and small. But we can clearly state that almost no armed action has been interpreted and put into practice with correct revolutionary behaviour. The result of this is that the armed struggle has not mobilised the masses of the people. The result of this is that the democratic struggle did not create a tradition. The result of this is that it became cut off from the aim of power and became integrated with this system.”

In the face of the very varied attacks by imperialism and the oligarchy, a great many wound up and started on the road of liquidation. At the beginning of the 1990s, in the first years of the socialist system being torn down, a great many movements, having faith in that system underwent “great” disappointment, and quickly gave up their weapons. They produced “great” projects based on peace with collaborationists and getting themselves accepted by the system.

That is, the armed struggle is a total break, ideologically and culturally, with the system.

Giving up your weapons and negotiating is an indication of great ideological weakness.

That is why these sections could not conduct the armed struggle in a comprehensive fashion.

They could not make the armed struggle a source of hope for the people.

The Party-Front line on the other hand not only did not go back, it was able to create new traditions.

In the face of the biggest betrayal and liquidation attack in history, in a period where weapons were being silenced, it persisted and started the Atilim (Upsurge).

Cut off from the system and the system ideology, it wrapped itself tighter in the M-L ideology.

>From the past to today, in almost every area, we have created new firsts, and this is the basis of our achievement.

In the field of art, law, architecture and engineering in our struggle we have shaken the status quo in almost every area. In the area of art, law, architecture and engineering we have succeeded when it was said we could not, and we have been a focus of interest and support.

In every area there has been our alternative politics. Because we seek power. Pieces did not flake off to the system. Because we are the ones who are right and legitimate. Not the exploitative ruling class.

Our Revolutionary Line Is A Barricade In The Democratic Struggle Against Liquidationism

Our revolutionary line is a barricade in the democratic struggle against liquidationism.

This is a line that imperialism and the oligarchy attack with the aim of destroying it – what kind of line is it?

– This line does not see art, the law or engineering as a hobby, or as a career, but as a line for the people. This line is not for those seeking to find a place for themselves inside the system but as a line offering an alternative system for those who do not see the system as legitimate.

– This line is one that sees revolutionism and revolution as legitimate and both morally and politically necessary. This line is one that defends organisation and brings it to life. This line is one that brings about a revolutionary front in every area where the exploitative system is and where it is represented organises people against the system.

– This is a line that rejects every form of conciliation and derives its ideology from M-L. This line is a line that has the same culture, whether it is guerrillas with gun in hand, a demonstration, a democratic institution under attack, or in prison.

– This line is one that does not limit the democratic struggle to legal methods but sees its rightfulness and legitimacy from a militant struggle. Whether inside prison or outside, we have created new traditions under siege. We overcame fear of the system. We caused it to be shocked. For this we are a target.

This being the case, two public employees pushed AKP fascism into the corner when it felt itself to be at its most powerful.

What did the resistance of two employees show? It is not difficult at all to defeat fascism.

It shows if we have more masses in our resistance and are more determined and unite, we can win. Fascism has shown its face as an enemy of the people.

It showed that being honourable and standing upright meant not bowing down to fascism.

This being the case, a music group has gathered millions despite every kind of repression, obstruction and lack of means.

There is a new kind of architect and engineer. A new kind of lawyer, a new type of artist…

They produce for the people, they work for the people. Organised, and they organise the people too. They produce alternative politics against the attacks of the system.

We have consciousness of power in our politics. There is rebellion in our politics. There is our class anger present in our politics. This being the case, we are “dangerous” in the reports of the imperialists. Yes, “mighty imperialism” thinks a music group, a legal organisation, an organisation of architects and engineers is dangerous. In these areas they are seen as giving legitimacy to revolution among the broad masses.

As their fears grew, so did their attacks. They stepped up the physical attacks, the ideological attacks, and everywhere they surrounded us but did not neglect to leave an avenue of escape. This avenue of escape is system leftism, intelligent leftism. Election leftism seeing the solution in parliament. Not resisting, not looking for rights, a leftism that does not support the people. That flees from sacrifice and has forgotten self-sacrifice for an ideal. Whatever they do cannot succeed.

The Party-Front line has roots in this soil. This is a reality proved by history and the practice of our country. However great the tyranny, the exploitation, the aggressiveness, the dynamics of the war are equally great.

The M-L ideology we never forsook is an ideology defeated by no force or repression and it cannot be defeated.

The imperialists, and the leftists who are their ideological extensions, accuse and condemn us for not keeping up with the times. It is clear what this is: no art for the people, lawyers for the people, engineering for the people. No science for the people, do not ask for education. The exploiter says, do not make any noise. They say you cannot change anything. The unchangeable does change. Those who do not resist, compromise and rot away.

The system we we have fought throughout our history is selfish, individualistic, corrupt and has an ideology of no value.

We have been steeled by the war. Our ideology in this war is the M-L ideology. The expression of M-L on the territory of our country is Party-Front thought and practice.

History will witness this ideology achieve greater victories on the territory of our country. The small victories we have gained today will be the cause of tomorrow’s great triumphs.

The life of reformism in these lands is short. Worship of civil society does not take hold in this land. They do not know this land and do not want to know it. The most ordinary demands are brutally met by armoured cars in the city squares, where dozens have been slaughtered in the prisons in one go. It is not easy to play civil society games in a country where people say they are hungry, cannot find work and then set themselves on fire. The only vaccine that these lands hold is the Party-Front vaccine. The saplings sooner or will bear fruit.

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