(Yürüyüs magazine No.58, March 18, 2018)



On March 7, once again Ozan Publishing House was raided by the AKP’s murderous police! Our slogans and steel doors confronted the rapist, plundering and fascist police!

These steel doors are our will of steel and our Marxist-Leninist ideology, our anger at fascism and our belief that we will win! We will resist in every area, in every form, by any means!

We will resist with our children, our youth, our old people, our handicapped and our mad people!

We will resist with our dead and our living!

We will continue to say that socialism is the only alternative to capitalism and write about the road of our people’s liberation war.


In every area, fascism attacks every section of the people. Revolutionary artists, architects and engineers of the people, public workers, revolutionary workers, people’s lawyers, and Yürüyüs, the voice of the people and of hope…

This means that we are resisting in every area…

This means that we reject the line of fascism in every area…

This means that they are at their wit’s end and cannot bear it and that explains their aggressiveness. That is why they will lose and be defeated!

Because they are illegitimate and unjust! Because historical and political rightfulness have never been defeated with repression, and cannot be!

We will not be silent!

We will continue to write the truth!

We will continue to meet attacks with our resistance, our slogans, our agitation and our steel doors. These steel doors are our steel will.

They are our M-L ideology, our anger at fascism, our belief that we will win. In every area, in every form and with every means, we will resist!

We will resist with our children, our youth, our old, our handicapped and our insane, our dead and our living!

We will not leave this country to the fascists and the pro-Americans!

From the start of OHAL (the state of emergency) to this, none of our democratic institutions have gone without being raided.

Many of our institutions have been sealed up. Our institutions have been raided, not once but several times, sometimes two or three times in the space of a month. Henceforth fascism has been turning attacks into an everyday experience.

Our magazine Yürüyüs has been raided three times in the last year. Our workers have been tortured in the course of detention, then put in jail. Our technical equipment has been confiscated, what was not was damaged and made unusable. The torturers tore pictures from the walls, rained down curses, tore clothing, and like ordinary thieves stole and plundered TVs and electronic equipment.

Hundreds, thousands of our people have been detained in institutions, houses, streets and at democratic actions, and hundreds imprisoned. Some even released, then detained again at the door of the prison, taken back to the torture centres and then imprisoned again. People are detained and imprisoned until they leave the struggle. Every time people are arrested they try to get them to be agents or collaborators. If you do not confess and sell your comrades, friends and values, you are subjected to slander. Those who are not jailed and who are still outside prison are declared to be wanted by the police. Those who work in democratic institutions, and Grup Yorum members, are put on “wanted posters” by the Interior Ministry. They are placed in red, blue, green or grey categories of “wanted” to show how dangerous they are, and as a means of psychological warfare. AKP fascism has not neglected to imitate its imperialist masters in putting a price on the heads of those who are “wanted”.

What is the result?

We have broken the seals placed on our doors. If new ones were affixed, we broke these too…

Our institutions were closed but we opened new ones….

We did not become indifferent to attacks. Inside jail and outside, we added new elements to our tradition of resistance. We did not recognise fascist repression and bans. We met them with our rightfulness and legitimacy.

We answered “terrorist lists” with our new musical compositions, organisations, our work, our campaigns and our production.

We continue to march along our road.

Whether there are 3 million of us on this road or just the five fingers of a hand, we move along on the same route and in an uninterrupted fashion. If we experience the greatest repression in our history, we will continue down the same road.

Even in the face of fascist intolerance and unceasing attacks.


We are struggling under conditions of fascism. We are up against a fascist state apparatus organised from top to bottom by the hand of imperialism. It is organised through the police, army, media, system parties and the bureaucracy for civil war against the people. MIT, the army and the police are not enough, so civilian fascist forces are also specially organised. Where the laws are insufficient, these civilian fascist gangs are turned loose on the people and the revolutionaries. Lynch attacks and massacres are organised by so-called “sensitive citizens”. The collaborationist oligarchy which sees all the people as the enemy and if necessary to be destroyed, organises all institutions that suit imperialism’s interests and frames every kind of law in a contra-guerrilla form.

The AKP government has even found these to be insufficient. Today we are up against JOH, POH, HOH (paramilitary groups set up by the AKP), set in motion for the security of a fascist state that sows fear. A decision was taken to recruit 32,000 new police in 2018. They fear the people and the presence of revolutionaries. This is all for their own security. The state of emergency proclaimed on July 20, 2016 is approaching its second year. The fascist AKP is trying to rule the country with the KHK (laws brought in with the state of emergency).

The period of detention has been extended to 30 days. Torture has become more widespread. The prisons are bursting at the seams. They are not enough so new prisons are being built. But they are not the only things on the upswing – theft and corruption are on the increase. Also injustice, hunger, poverty and corruption. Drug abuse is like a deluge. Rape and sexual assault are rife, especially wherever our children are, particularly in state schools, student dormitories, prisons, children’s wards and police stations. AKP fascism’s solution is ready – Imam Hatip schools, an increase in Koran courses and more religious associations (tarikatlar). In this way they try render ineffective any displeasure with the system.

This is how they rule – with repression, hunger, lack and corruption… With torture, imprisonment and prisons… With tarikatlar. They cannot rule in any other way. They cannot silence and choke opposition voices otherwise. They cannot exploit in any other way. They want a people who will accept what they are given, who do not demand rights and freedoms and are intimidated. They want a left that does not transgress the boundaries of the system, they want an opposition that protests but does not seek power. Many times they have not even tolerated that much.

Never mind being revolutionary, they threaten almost everyone, journalists, lawyers, academics, artists, intellectuals, workers who want justice, villagers, small businesspeople, students. They are expelled from school or from work, detained, imprisoned.

Our young people are killed in the streets, they say that “he did not heed the order to stop.” In Samandag, Hatay, they killed Guven Kahil in that way. Our people are even killed if they heed the order to stop. Small businesspeople trying to make a living in the marketplace are told by a police chief in front of everyone, “I will get you. Tomorrow morning you will be in custody. Don’t forget this.” A political party in parliament is not allowed to make a statement and is then prevented from leaving the building. And for making the statement in the building an enquiry is started and they take away their right to be parliamentarians. People are jailed for attending funerals because “they gave aid to a terror organisation”. These are not sporadic events. They are not the commonplace actions of one police chief or one policeman. They are everyday events in every corner of our country. They are the face of a government that is an enemy of the people and of a state that is an enemy of the people and can no longer cover its face. This is the reality of fascism in our country.

These are the conditions in which we wage the democratic struggle. From the point of view of revolutionaries the democratic struggle means to undermine fascism’s democracy game in our country, to expose its true nature to the people, to wage an organised struggle against fascism and organise the people in this struggle. This means openly saying “I am against this fascist system”.

We do not expect democracy or justice from the imperialist institutions like the European Parliament and the UN. We do not hit the road as refugees saying “We can no longer live in this country.” We have always had confidence in our legitimacy and rightfulness. We have trusted in our people and this land. This is a struggle red in tooth and claw. We win by paying the highest price for the smallest rights. We gave 122 lives for 10 hours’ right to conversation. They never gave us anything just like that. We won it through our own struggle. We know very well that in conditions of fascism no rights are lasting. We will not allow our rights to be taken away, we struggle to the end.

Those who rule with fascist repression and fascist laws resort to every kind of arbitrariness and illegality and fascist terror when those are not enough, but the democratic struggle can be waged through legitimacy and rightfulness. We have struggled for decades with this understanding. We struggled using the same understanding in the conditions of the military fascist junta and in the civilian fascist junta, and we paid a price.

We continue our struggle with the methods and means convenient to it. We use and will use all methods of the struggle, whether democratic or illegal. They will not get u to give them up and they will also not remove us from the legal arena. Because we know what fascism is. We recognised what it is from birth. We know what neo-colonialism is. We know well that the source of fascism in our country is American and European imperialism. We also know well revolution, the struggle for socialism, and what imperialism is. This is why no attack passed us by. This is why we only trusted ourselves, our people and the struggle. We have not given up any legal work and cannot give up our path and our struggle. Only our methods and the means for them change.

We continue to bring out our magazine. If necessary we will write it with our own hands, bringing out an issue, seeing that it reaches the people, and we will distribute our magazine door to door… And this is the name of hope, Yürüyüs, brought out in the same week as a police raid.

If our institutions are closed, we open new ones. We have never been an institution for show. Our institutions are houses of the people.

They ban streets and avenues, they do not allow press statements, governor’s offices “forbid any kind of action or demonstration in the province”. We throw fascism’s bans in the dustbin. We go out into the city squares even if we are detained and imprisoned – Yuksel resistance, with our TAYAD families, our revolutionary workers, with people like Alev Sahin, with our revolutionary youth and the people of our neighbourhoods…

And all this is why fascism lacks a solution to revolutionary politics and is so aggressive. When the attacks do not get a result they attack even more. Whatever, we resist even more.

With the reality of fascism everywhere, our people say to everything, “Enough of that”. To rebel against injustice, they set themselves on fire. This is why in every area at every point the meaning of resistance becomes exponentially greater. Today our resistance acts at the interpreter of our peoples’ anger, while tomorrow the anger of the people will act for itself.

Our persistence is what we lay claim to, it is what we believe in, our persistence is because we are right and legitimate

Not an opposition voice remains. AKP fascism cannot bear even the slightest reaction on what is called social media, over 1,000 people have been arrested with regard to the attack on Afrin. The AKP has organised it so nobody gets the slightest information. Any contrary voice is thrown out of work and they have made it so the only media voice is the AKP’s. The weak voice of opposition, whether to the left or to the right, hardly finds an echo and can scarcely affect or organise the people.

Who is left? Just us. Even one syllable uttered by us shakes the AKP. State officials are admitting to this when they say “we will liberate politics from the pressure applied by the DHKP-C”.

This was also their confession they made when they said resistance by two people was “bringing the world to its feet”.

We are the only ones telling the truth and evaluating it scientifically. They are afraid of this – they fear our resistance, whether by the youngest or the oldest, the healthy or the handicapped. They fear we will be an example to the people, and get the people to resist. This is a fear on the part of fascism that never ends.

But what really makes them afraid is our persistence over years. That they cannot make us give up.

Whatever they do, they cannot stop us searching for rights or resisting. Wherever we are, we resist as much as we are able.

We do not stop writing what is correct and what is true.

In the world and in our country, everyone has queued up to give up their weapons, negotiate and surrender, but we do not give up fighting or let go of our weapons.

We do not give up saying, “One solution revolution” and down with imperialism, long live socialism.

This is persistence. Persistence means determination, belief, rightfulness, awareness of legitimacy.

Persistence means victory.

No force can defeat such persistence.

At the same time our attitude is that from a distance fascism and imperialism seem like giants, close up they are paper tigers. We have been describing this truth for over 30 years. The truth that sooner or later the fascist system will be pulled down – sooner or later revolutionary people’s power will win…

We will defeat fascism with the strength of our morale

Fascism’s attacks are essentially psychological. They seek to undermine our morale, weaken it, erode it. They say, “It will not finish while you do not give in to our system, you have no security or respite.” They say, “Surrender and save yourself.” They want fear to become dominant. According to them, confronted by repression, tyranny, arbitrariness, everyone must seem to be satisfied with their system and hopelessness must prevail.

We see and we know what they are aiming at. And we also say to them that “You will not succeed, you will not get us to surrender. We will not pardon the enemies of the people. We say that we will not forgive the fascist killers, thieves and deceivers or the enemies of our beliefs and values, and we will never seek conciliation with them. We say, “We will bury the servants of imperialism, those who have sold our land piece by piece, and we will bury them together with their imperialist masters.” We say, “This is our homeland, this people is ours, this future is ours.”

This knowledge is the source of our morale and our values. They cannot defeat our morale and our values. Our morale is our most important weapon in the struggle. We will not let our MORALE be undermined for we are POWERFUL and RIGHT. We fight, we spread our fight further and it is the enemy’s morale that will be undermined. BECAUSE WE WILL NOT SURRENDER AND THEY WILL NOT BRING US INTO LINE.

Despite fascism’s repression, all of our institutions remain open; every banner we hang up, every example of graffiti we write on walls, every statement we issue, every magazine we distribute; at any moment of our revolutionism we may be subjected to fascist terror in the form of repression, detention and imprisonment but we take our place within revolutionary activity; in the face of tyranny this is present in every slogan we shout, every demonstration we hold, every action we organise; in every organisation we form…

Our strength of morale is the collapse of morale in the enemy.

We will continue to surprise you

And one day nothing will surprise you at all

And that day will be when you fall into the rubbish bin of history

It has become a classic – in every fascist attack on our democratic institutions, they use lies and demagogy to legitimise their attacks and seek to present us as guilty. They turn their raids and looting expeditions into sensational news items. Their aim is to increase the psychological effect of their attacks on the people, and show what a big operation it is. The aim is to make revolutionaries look like criminals and ensure they themselves have the upper hand on morale of the we hit them-broke them-scattered them variety. But whatever they have done they cannot escape from their own sense of surprise.

In the latest raid on Yürüyüs this surprise was echoed in the bourgeois media and the fascist AKP media – “There were seven steel doors on the DHKP-C magazine… The centre of the magazine connected to the DHKP-C had seven steel doors, which caused surprise.” These were the kind of statements they made.

Why does our resistance and our steel doors cause you to be surprised?

What were you expecting? Did you expect our democratic places roll out the welcome mat for fascist murderers, enemies of chastity and thieves?

Did you expect us to say, “This is a democratic state of law, of course the police can do their duty and carry out a search”?

You can expect a great deal and you will continue to receive surprises. But we know very well the reason why you are surprised. This is nothing new. Look at your father the fascist Hitler, and how he was surprised by the resistance of Soviet heroes!

In the face of remarkable resistance, Hitler also complained to his generals like Napoleon did – “Russia does not respect rules of war (ie. fights without rules). Their idea of fighting without rules was that the wheat that was being prepared to be sent to Germany was set on fire. This breaking of the rules was present in Sovinformburo documents present in the heart of cities under occupation; partisans carried out fearless attacks on fortified German garrisons; enemy trains travelling to the front were blown up… The rules of war were broken by underground and partisan actions, both known and unknown, that showed immeasurable mastery in successful and heroic actions, both great and small.” (Svetlana Aleksiyevich, Soviet Women In The Nazi Occupation, Evrensel publishing house)

The fascist Hitler was surprised by the way the Soviet people defended their homeland, street by street, house by house, at the cost of death. Of course he was surprised and did not understand. A fascist does not know patriotism, does not know heroism, does not know self-sacrifice, does not know love for the people and the homeland. They cannot understand such values. They know how to destroy but not to make anything. They know how to kill but not to sacrifice themselves. They know how to burn people alive but not how to love.

You too are children of Hitler, so you cannot comprehend us. It is beyond your understanding why we resist so much, why we stand against tyranny even at the cost of our lives, why we do not take a step back from our aims by even a millimetre.

Enemies of the people like you, exploitative fascist killers, servants of imperialism are not able to endure us and you cannot understand why resistance to fascism is a matter of honour.

We will defeat you like Hitler fascism was defeated. Be certain that we will bury you in the dustbin of history.

You will be the ones who are torn down – the future is ours

This repression against Yürüyüs is of a piece with the history of revolutionary struggle which is full of ceaseless attacks and unending resistance. Fascism attacks in line with its nature. But we live and find in accordance with our nature and history as Marxist-Leninists. The course of social history says and announces that we will be the winners. Imperialism and the fascist order are helpless because of this. Hundreds of times they raid our associations, they perforate the walls of our youth building, they turn our institutions into rubble but our minds and our people are in these institutions… So our struggle will never be destroyed.

The people are not finished and the people are infinite, and an organised people will defeat fascism sooner or later. With our words, our articles and publications we will continue to organise our people.


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