Voice from Mexico base: Persecution of revolutionaries and communists deepens in Latin America

Participation of the International Coordinating Committee for Solidarity and for the Freedom of Political Prisoners and Revolutionaries of the World – Mexico Base in the 20th AIF’s Symposium held in Athens in October, 2022.


First of all, we want to thank you for the invitation to participate in this important event and we also want to thank very much the solidarity of those who supported us so that we could participate and be here today.

I bring you warm greetings from the International Coordinating Committee for Solidarity and for the Freedom of Political Prisoners and Revolutionaries of the World – Mexico Base.

We note that U.S. imperialism is preparing for a third world war, with bipolarity developing with China, and for this reason it is preparing its war forces. For this purpose it is developing the presence of its armed and police forces in our continent and of NATO through its 72 bases and quasi bases in Latin America, with 7000 men. They recently promoted with the Latin American ultra-right the coup d’état in Bolivia, military interventions in Venezuela, they are trying to destroy popular organizations of broad representation such as the Movadef in Peru, using the Lima group and the OAS. They promote the reactionarization of the States, with legal and political persecution throughout our continent. In countries such as Peru, where they also passed a law for the forced disappearance of the bodily remains of Peruvian revolutionaries who murder, such as Dr. Abimael Guzman Reinoso, and against anyone who opposes the capitalist system.

The Yankee government intervened directly and together with the admirals of the Navy, openly declared that the enemy are the socialists and communists.

These war preparations of U.S. imperialism in the world, and in our continent, are driven because capitalism is in an intrinsic structural crisis that leads to its destruction. This corresponds to its agonic and parasitic character, product of its ineluctable law of the decreasing tendency of its rate of profit.

To get out of this inexorable crisis imperialism needs to promote war, to stop the struggle of the peoples for their fundamental rights, to destroy the popular organizations, as its military and police manuals establish.

In Latin America the persecution and offensive against democrats, revolutionaries and communists continues and even deepens. Imperialism spies, persecutes, undertakes trials, imprisons, disappears and murders all those who oppose its policy of extermination. To undertake these campaigns it joins forces with the national governments which place themselves at its service. The fourth and sixth command of its military forces and its police forces of the DEA, the CIA, the FBI and the NATO organization, widely present in our continent, indicate to the allied governments of Latin America how to act, in their counterrevolutionary war as they call it in their manuals, against the popular, revolutionary and communist organizations, for example around the migratory policies and the relationship with the social organizations.

In the manual of the 6th U.S. military command, for example, it is stated that they seek the “elimination” of the opposing social organizations and they have worked to achieve this objective.

This genocidal plan of Yankee imperialism is applied by its forces and the Latin American ultra-right, in Colombia, in Ecuador, in Paraguay, in its interventions in Venezuela, in Peru. Just as in the coup in Bolivia and Venezuela, the Peruvian military and police forces are extending their persecution in our country. We want to denounce before you that just as in their genocidal plan they used the Peruvian prosecutor’s office for the assassination of Dr. Abimael Guzman Reinoso, now they are trying to do it with other Peruvian and even foreign revolutionaries. The Peruvian prosecution threatened and started a persecution against a Mexican colleague living in Mexico, Gabriela Jimenez, for expressing her solidarity in social networks with the situation that Dr. Abimael Guzman Reinoso was living in prison. A Peruvian prosecutor acknowledged having direct contact with U.S. law enforcement authorities who, she acknowledged, had close collaboration to know the data and address of our colleague in Mexico. All because of a like on Facebook. This is a direct intervention of the Direction Against Terrorism (Dircote( and the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office in Mexican territory, violating our national sovereignty, Mexican laws and international laws.

In other cases, as the weeks go by, the participation of the Mexican Army and the United States in the persecution and assassination of social leaders, mass leaders and even grassroots comrades is increasingly proven. In the case of the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students that occurred in September 2014, it is being demonstrated that the DEA was part of the State crime and operated through the Army and even through organized crime.

Another example of this policy of persecution is the situation of political prisoners in Mexico: the government has not informed us how many political prisoners there are, but in the cases that we are aware of, we know of the terrible conditions that afflict them in prisons: intoxication, denial of visits by family and doctors, mistreatment, beatings and even the prohibition of access to a fair defense. The comrades are imprisoned for defending the rights of the people, they are in the clutches of the State and we must defend them.

We know that, in most cases, the situation of political prisoners is similar all over the world, but we believe that we must continue to denounce prison conditions and also denounce imperialism because if we do not do so, they will go unpunished. We have to be aware that, although the application of laws and the violation of rights is exercised by national governments, this is organized by imperialism. In the case of Latin America, it is mainly U.S. imperialism and should not be exempt from denunciation.

However, although most cases are similar, there are times when the situation is even worse and it is no coincidence: imperialism and the bourgeoisie are especially angry with those whom they consider most dangerous. That is why they have been so furious with Dr. Abimael Guzmán Reinoso, whom they murdered with premeditation and malice aforethought. We also want to join in solidarity with the denunciation that has been made of the law of forced disappearance of the remains of the communists whom they call “terrorists” in order to confuse.

It was his comrade, Professor Elena Iparraguirre, who decided to openly and firmly denounce the crimes against Dr. Abimael Guzmán. The State’s response was to punish her in prison and now we fear for her life because experience dictates that the bourgeoisie and imperialism do not fear when it comes to attacking those who oppose them.

In addition to imprisoning, torturing and assassinating him, imperialism and the Peruvian bourgeoisie sought to attack him even beyond death. To deny burial and forced disappearance is a crime against humanity, which has not been applied to any enemy in any war and has the objective of preventing the popular uprising and the organization of the peoples. We must oppose these fascist laws that are applied and that they will seek to apply not only to him and to the Peruvian communists but that they can even extend to the rest of the world.

We also join the solidarity and the denunciation of the situation of other prisoners around the world as the Turkish comrades, Kurds, Basques, Palestinians, attacked and forced to die in terrible prisons, the situation of Ibrahim Georges Abdallah, Occalan or Mumia Abu Jamal, among others. We must continue to fight for their freedom.

Comrades. We call on you to unite, to agree in this Conference, some joint actions, joint statements and dissemination in embassies and government buildings of the situation of political prisoners around the world.

For this reason we propose and request the solidarity of this symposium to jointly sign two specific declarations: one in defense of the life of Professor Elena Iparraguirre and another demanding the cessation of the persecution against our colleague Gabriela Jimenez.

We also express our solidarity with the Turkish and Palestinian political prisoners and all those who fight against imperialism and capitalism.

Political prisoners freedom!

Yankee and NATO bases out of Latin America!

Down with the genocidal plan of Yankee imperialism and the ultra-right in Latin America!

Let us defend Professor Elena Iparraguirre and our comrade Gabriela Jimenez

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